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Uber Issues Apology Over Sexist Note To Customers On ‘Wife Appreciation Day’

"Let your wife take a day off from the kitchen"

Uber has apologised for a sexist note issued to UberEATS customers in Bangalore, India, to mark Wife Appreciation Day.

“Dear Husbands, a gentle reminder – Today is Wife Appreciation Day!” the note begun. “Order on UberEATS and let your wife take a day off from the kitchen.”

The promotional message was slammed on social media for promoting tired gender stereotypes.

Uber’s chief brand ambassador, Bozoma Saint John, condemned the note on Twitter.

“Oh hell no. This is completely unacceptable. Will take care of this,” she wrote. Uber’s communications team also issued an apology. 

As the BBC reports, Uber undertook an investigation into sexual harassment in the company this year, leading to the dismissal of 20 staff. According to Uber, the firings were related to bulling, sexual harassment and poor company culture.

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