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Join Our Campaign To End Australian Women’s Homelessness Crisis

It's unacceptable—and we need your help.

Women’s homelessness is a national crisis. On any given night in Australia, 49,000 women face homelessness—staying with friends, sleeping in tents, or returning to a violent partner just to keep a roof over their heads. It’s unsafe, unnoticed, and unacceptable.

It’s why today, we’re proud to unveil Unhoused, our campaign for safe homes for Australian women.


Are Media—the publisher of marie claire Australia—is calling on the Government to commit to an increased spending of $7.6 billion over the next four years, in order to create permanent housing for women.

This would not only provide 16,810 homes—equal to the number of women returning to violent situations because they cannot find long-term, affordable housing—but also create 47,000 jobs and provide a $15.3 billion boost to the economy. 

However, it’s an election year, meaning we don’t know who will make up the Government by May. It’s why we’re calling on every major political party to commit to this initiative before the May election.

Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese—over to you.

How you can help:

Join us in calling on the major parties by signing our petition and sharing this message.

The line between having a permanent roof over your head and facing homelessness is thin—much thinner than most of us realise. Almost three-quarters (73%) of Australian women say their vote in this election would be influenced by a party’s commitment to providing housing for women in unsafe conditions. Let’s make our politicians listen.

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