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A Woman Called Her Mother Convinced She Was Going To Be Murdered

Days later, her body was found

On January 28, New York woman Valeria Reyes made a terrifying phone call to her mother convinced she was about to be murdered. Just days later, her body was found.

The 24-year-old reportedly told her mother Norma Sanchez, “I’m afraid someone is going to murder me.” Sanchez later recalled to WABC that her daughter had become paranoid and anxious about living alone in her apartment on the basement level of her home in New Rochelle, 30kms north of Manhatten. 

“She was just really scared, very frightened,” Sanchez said. 

On February 5, police discovered Valerie’s body inside a suitcase on the side of the road in the nearby town of Greenwich, Connecticut. Police are now investigating Valerie’s death. 


Police revealed that several items from the bookstore worker’s apartment were missing – including her phone, wallet, bedsheets and clothes. 

Investigators have since arrested Valeria’s ex-boyfriend Javier da Silva. Greenwich police confirmed in a statement they arrested a suspect “believed to be involved in the death of Valerie”. The arrest came after investigators looked through charges made to her bank card and were able to trace one to da Silva. 

da silva
Javier da Silver and Valeria Reyes pose together on Instagram, February 2018

The New York Post reports that man is 24-year-old Javier da Silva Rojas from Queens, New York, who broke up with Valerie about a year ago. The newspaper reports that da Silva told police that he didn’t kill Valerie, but that she fell from her bed and hit her head open while they were having sex. 

Her cousin told the Westchester Journal that while her family was “devastated”, they were also “happy” that an arrest had been made. “It kind of brings us a little more peace, too, to let her go.”

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