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What Is Vero And Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

Meet the social media app being touted as the new Instagram.

Over the last week or so, you may have heard about Vero, a new app that promises to be the answer to all your social media woes (read: Facebook’s continual news feed tweaks and Instagram’s endless array of ads).

If you miss the days when things were posted in chronological order, Vero might be your answer – but there’s a few loopholes you need to know about first before you start uploading your best selfies.

How does Vero work?

Much like Instagram, Vero allows you to follow friends and brands and post photos. Much like Facebook, you can also upload videos and links that are of interest.

What are Vero’s flaws?

Right now, the app isn’t particularly stable (probably because everyone is trying to sign up). You’ll notice it takes a while to sign in, or it’ll get stuck on a particular screen. Hence, you’ll need to be patient until it works out the kinks.

It’s also very hard to leave the app – you have to submit a request and hope Vero gets back to you.

Why should I sign up to Vero then?

Chronological posting and no ads – need we say more? The app is also promising to waive the subscription fee for the first 1 million users. Plus, it’s currently the number one most downloaded app on the App store. We can’t promise it will have longevity but it’ll be fun finding out. 

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