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Takeaway Shop Jokes Its Pizza Crusts Are Thinner Than Victoria Beckham

Not. Okay.

An eatery in North East England is under fire for its outrageous piece of advertising that claims its pizza crusts are thinner than Victoria Beckham.

As The Telegraph reports, Sidhu Golden Fish and Chips in Battle Hill has a slogan on the back of a delivery van that boasts, “Our new Victoria Beckham Thin Crust only 2mm thin!!”

The message is accompanied by a cartoon depiction of Victoria Beckham wearing as sash that reads: “Anorexic fashion icon”.

A spokesperson for Beckham revealed that she is seeking legal advice about the ad that uses her likeness and trivialises eating disorders. 

“It is highly inappropriate to trivialise such a disorder, and defamatory to be so thoughtless with a person’s reputation in this way, therefore we are taking legal advice,” a spokesperson for Beckham said. 

Speaking to ITV, the shop’s manager, Soni Sidhu, said people should consider the ad was intended as a bit of “fun” and issued a classic non-apology.   

“We would like our customers and all people in general to take our advertising in context. We are not a fly by night business trying to make a quick buck,” he said.

“Anorexia and any mental illness are very serious.”

Mr Sidhu added: “It is offered as a fun way to make people smile, and to escape from the daily hustle and bustle of life. We would be genuinely horrified if anyone was genuinely offended.”

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