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You Have To See These Photos Of A Young Justin Trudeau

The Internet is losing it.

You may have seen images of a young Justin Trudeau flooding your newsfeed today, and it’s not hard to see why.

The Canadian prime minister, who has often been admired for his looks by the Internet, was objectively a bit of a dreamboat when he was young. 

Just look. 

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The photos certainly seem to be a bit of a callback to the photos of a young, beautiful Joe Biden that emerged last year.

So glad we’ve addressed this.

But now let’s talk about what it means to gawk over young, attractive politicians a little deeper.

Justin Trudeau hasn’t been the first politician that we’ve admired for his looks. First Ladies like Michelle Obama, as well as Jackie Onassis were admired for their style and grace. 

What’s interesting to note though, is that these politicians were mostly looked up to for their fearless leadership, their integrity and their intelligence.

Yes, it is ok to remark that these leaders who work so hard are good looking. After all, we are human, and some people are just genetically blessed! But it is important that it doesn’t detract from their value – that it doesn’t turn into objectification.

So let’s not make it reductive, people. Yes, Justin Trudeau was/is good looking, but he’s worth so much more than that.

Take a look, and move on.

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