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We Know Why Princess Diana Wore Two Watches

So sweet

When it comes to royal style, Princess Diana, with her iconic looks, was undoubtedly a pioneer. No stranger to making a fashion statement, it’s recently come to light that she wore two watches to the polo. 

Princess Diana
(Credit: Getty Images)

Attending her then fiancé Prince Charles’ polo match in 1989, the young princess-to-be coupled a powder pink blouse with not one, but two watches. The thin gold metallic watch was hers, but the second, larger watch (you can just make it out in the photo above), belonged to Prince Charles and was worn by Princess Diana as a token of good luck for the match. How. Very. Sweet. 

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This isn’t the only instance Princess Diana used fashion to pay tribute to her loved ones. On her wedding day, she chose to wear her sister’s tiara as a tribute to the Spencer family. 

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