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Woman Doused In Petrol And Stabbed Multiple Times On NSW North Coast

The man was shot dead following a confrontation with police

A woman has been doused in petrol and stabbed multiple times on the NSW North Coast by a man whom she is believed to have met on Tinder, but it is unclear whether they were a couple or had just met.

The 28-year-old woman managed to stagger down the street and call for help around 6pm and police found her in a pool of blood in a neighbours garage, according to the Daily Telegraph.

She was treated at the scene before being rushed to hospital, where she remains in a critical condition.

Following the vicious attack police began a manhunt for the 36-year-old attacker. He was eventually spotted driving on the Pacific Highway where police chased and eventually cornered him. 

Following a confrontation, the man was shot and killed. Police have confirmed the confrontation but no further details have been released.

“A critical incident team from State Crime Command’s Homicide Squad will now investigate all circumstances surrounding the incident including the discharge of a police firearm,” a NSW Police Force spokesman said.

“It’s not a grubby neighbourhood at all, it’s calm, really well kept and very nice,” one neighbour told the Daily Telegraph.

“It’s just such a shock when an attack like that happens around here. There are a lot of families around here.”

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