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This Woman Is So Desperate To Quit Smoking, She’s Chained Herself To Her Bedroom

She’s bunkering down for the next three weeks

Queensland woman Krystel Spicer will stop at nothing to curb her nicotine addiction: she’s chained herself to her bed for the next three weeks.

Prepared with cans of tined food and a microwave within reach, Spicer was compelled to act after a pap smear discovered abnormal cells.

“After the results came in I just looked at my daughter and I said, ‘well I’m just about to treat everyone really badly because I’m going on a chain,’” Spicer told 7 News.

Krystel Spicer in her bedroom.

“I tried to quit once, I quit once, for four days and was told I was treating people badly here and they wished I would start smoking again,” she explains. “And I wonder how many people are asked that by their loved ones?”

The 20-year-old confessed her family thinks she’s “insane”, but says, “I’ll take life over mad any day.”  

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