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Karen Thompson Speaks Out About Horrific Murder Of New Partner

"One minute we're just planning our future and the next, he's gone"

Karen Thompson has recounted the horror of seeing her new partner brutally killed before her eyes — by her ex-husband.

Speaking to A Current Affair, Ms Thompson said she had suffered 30 years of physical and emotional abuse from her ex-husband Gregory John Thompson. She had found love and support in her new partner, Michael Moad.                     

“It was like he showed me what love was supposed to be like, you know, how to be treated and I knew he loved me,” Ms Thompson said about her new partner.

“He loved my girls, he treated them like a dad should. He spent time with them, he cared about them, he worried about them, he wanted to create a life to support them.” 

But in 2015, Ms Thompson’s ex-husband stabbed her new partner 10 times to death in his Cessnock home.

According to the Newcastle Herald, Mr Thompson had been arrested two times in the lead-up to the stabbing for following Ms Thompson and Mr Moad, and for breaching an apprehended violence order. But he was granted bail both times. 

In May, 2017, Mr Thompson was found guilty of murder and will spend at least 17 years and seven months in jail.

“It’s just unreal, it’s just how can this happen? One minute we’re just planning our future and the next, he’s gone. He’s dead in the most horrific way,” Ms Thompson said of her partner’s death.

“If Michael wasn’t in my life, he would still be here today. It’s a very hard thing to live with and it breaks my heart.”

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, you can find counselling and support by calling 1800RESPECT 1800 737 732, Australia’s national sexual assault, domestic and family violence counselling service.

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