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Wonder Woman Is The Female Superhero The World Needs In New Trailer

Calling it now, this could be THE superhero movie of 2017.

The Wonder Woman movie is a significant step forward for both the DC and Marvel superhero worlds of recent years – finally, we’ve got a superhero movie with a female protagonist, and it actually looks good!

Israeli actress Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman, and she already looks like she will give a poignant performance. She made her debut as the character in Batman v Superman (2016) for a brief moment, and I for one am keen to see more of her. 

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The new Wonder Woman trailer just got released, and it looks beautifully shot – starting with shots of the Louvre in Paris, and showing island locations and stunning costumes.

Chris Pine plays Steve Trevor, the soldier who convinces Wonder Woman to help with World War I, and he already looks suitably in awe of Wonder Woman.

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We also get a glimpse of Wonder Woman’s bullet-deflecting powers, but no sign yet of the Invisible Plane, her famous aircraft.

June 2017 could not come soon enough!

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