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Everything We Know (So Far) About ‘You’ Season 4

Netflix has renewed the cult favourite for a fourth season.

The secret is out of the (body) bag—Christmas has come early for You fans! 

Whilst we’re gearing up to see the toxic relationship between Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn unfold in the third season of the hit TV show, Netflix has announced they have renewed the franchise for a fourth season and someone grab the popcorn.


If you’re not up to date on the show (AKA likely anyone that hasn’t been in lockdown) then proceed with caution because spoilers are ahead.

Premiering on October 15, the next instalment of the series will follow homicidal bibliophile Joe indulge further into his compulsive obsession with a mysterious neighbour, jeopardizing his seemingly perfect relationship with the mother of his child, Love. Yikes.

We haven’t even seen what unfolds in the latest season, but we’re overjoyed to know there is more to come. For everything we know about the new seasons, including the teaser trailer, keep scrolling below.

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What Is Season 4 Of You About?

In the Season 4 teaser, we recount Joe’s descent to becoming a stalker and murdering maniac, first through his infatuation with Guinevere Beck in New York then with Love Quinn in Los Angeles. Joe’s ex Candace Stone also makes a cameo appearance.

Unfortunately not much is revealed in the trailer, however we do get a terrifying voice over of Joe rationalising his behavior by stating “everything I did was for you”.


Who Will Be In Season 4 Of You?

As the events of the third season haven’t been revealed, it could be anyone’s game as to who will survive. As history has proven, Joe doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to relationships so Love too could bite the dust. 

Perhaps Ellie, Joe’s adolescent neighbour will make a surprise appearance, or will Joe’s past finally catch up to him? Only time will tell.

Where To Watch Season 4 Of You.

You is available to stream on Netflix, with the third season dropping on October 15. 

There is currently no set release date for the fourth season.

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