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Young couple named as “serial killer’s” victims

Megan and Johnny Coxie were just 25 and 29

The bodies of a young couple have been found on suspected serial killer Todd Kohlepp’s farmland.

Meagan and Jonny Coxie were gunned down and buried on Kohlepp’s land, near the metal container in which he held Kala Brown captive for two months.

Meagan was 25 and Johnny 29 when they went missing 11 months ago. Both had criminal records and were known for “panhandling” or begging on the street.

Their Facebook page features photos of their newborn baby, born just a few months before they went missing.

Their bodies came to light after a woman was found “chained like a dog” at Todd Kohlhepp’s home south of Spartanburg, in the US. The body of her boyfriend was later found on the property.

Kolhepp, a registered sex offender, has also confessed to “The Superbike Murders” a notorious cold case involving shootings at a motorcycle shop in 2003, according to the BBC.

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