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Your Right Royal Guide To Hanging Out With The Kate

Mo royals, mo etiquette problems, which is why the Canadian government has issued a list of regal do’s and don’ts for Kate and Wills visit.

Canadians, consider yourself warned. No selfies, no hats after 6.30p.m. and no calling the Duchess of Cambridge ‘Kate’, according to the etiquette guidelines that the Department of Canadian Heritage has issued on the eve of Kate’n’Wills’ Canuck adventure.

So, just what is allowed and what is verboten when you’re hanging out with the Cambridges?

You don’t have to curtsy if you don’t want to.

Well, that’s easy. According to the guide, “It is up to those meeting The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh and other Members of the Royal Family to choose whether or not they wish to bow/curtsey or simply shake hands.”

Hats are a no-no at night

When it gets dark out, ditch the fascinator. “There is no requirement for hats to be worn, though it is entirely acceptable to do so. Hats are not normally worn at functions after 6:30 p.m.”

Don’t go offering Kate a cocktail

When it comes to choosing a tipple for official toasts at functions, no Cosmos or martinis or any cocktails at all should be on the menu. The rules state that “Any type of drink can be used for a toast, except for cocktails, while wine and water are preferred.”

No selfies. Nada. None. Niente

Basically, Kate hasn’t flown across the Atlantic so she can pop up in your Instagram feed and time is of the essence during this trip. All of which means, Canadians will have to leave their selfie stick at home and just settle for a good old fashioned blurry shot of a celebrity from a distance. “To ensure the Duke and Duchess have the opportunity to meet with as many Canadians as possible, it is not possible to take selfies with them.”

Titles, please!

Don’t go calling the Duke and Duchess by their first names, the guide suggests. At first, they should be addressed as “Your Royal Highness” initially and then ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam’. You know, just like you do with your mates.

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