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Zimbabwe Male Teacher Allegedly Drugged And Abused By Female Gang

They reportedly picked him up at a bus stop

A 39-year-old teacher has allegedly been gang-raped by three women who took turns to abuse him.

The Sun reports that a Macheke man was waiting at a bus stop in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe at around 5pm, when the passengers inside a dark blue BMW allegedly offered him a lift.

The man rode in the back seat in the car with two women and was offered cordial juice—which made him dizzy and fall asleep.

Local publication The Standard reports that the man woke up at 2pm the next day, finding himself in a dark room. His “manhood” was severely bruised and he was missing money.

When two women entered the room, they allegedly demanded sexual intercourse and one even pointed a gun at him.

The man’s hands were allegedly tied and he was offered more juice before one of the women allegedly had sex with him. The other also followed suit.

The man was dumped on a gravel road and was later admitted to hospital.

According to The Sun, the incident bears resemblance to an attack by “sperm bandits”, in which gangs of women target travelers and hitchhikers.

In 2011, police in Zimbabwe charged three women who were found with 33 condoms containing semen, CNN reports. The women were arrested in connection with a string of sex attacks targeting hitchhikers throughout the country.  

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