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Your First Look At Zoë Foster Blake’s Fashion Line

Want. Need.

Is there anything Zoë Foster Blake can’t do? Short answer: probably not. 

The beloved beauty queen and author announced in May that having a toddler, being pregnant, having a beauty line and writing books/creating Podcasts just wasn’t enough and that she’s stepping into the world of fashion for a collaboration with Australian cashmere and basics label Skin and Threads. 

Announcing the range on her Instagram, Zoë wrote, “Everyone’s always saying, “Design more clothes, Zoë! Take your amateurish, uninformed and nonsensical ideas about style and weave them into fabric already!”

“Well, finally these fictional people will get their wish: today I’m on set with @skinandthreads shooting the lookbook for our collaboration.

There’s crustaceans, cockatoos, fruit, biscuits, stars… you know, grown-up, serious stuff. Perfect for the boardroom.”

She noted that the collection would be on sale in August and that she would – thankfully – be sharing sneak peaks in the leadup. 

And delivering on that promise, Zo shared the first preview of the collab on her Instagram last night: an Iced VoVo Sweater.

I promised there’d be food-clothes (flothes) in my collaboration with@skinandthreads, and here’s proof: the Iced VoVo sweater,” she captioned the photo.

“The perfect option for brunch with newly sugar-free pals, and a great way to remind everyone that you’re still firmly lodged in the ’80s when it comes to your confectionery choices.”

Zoe also noted that the pre-sale for the range starts on July 13th (at and the full range is in-store from August 7th.

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