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Zoe Foster Blake Just Announced An Exciting New Project

She's been teasing it all day...

Zoe Foster Blake just announced some exciting news: she’s launching an app.

“Seven years ago I decided to write a book on break-ups. Because I think they’re a gift. A chance for epic growth. Painful but largely misunderstood, like Justin Bieber. But life got busy, and the idea was parked. Then, last year, I realised it should be an APP, not a book! So, I jammed a books’ worth of content into a tidy little app, and today that app and idea is finally live,” she revealed on Instagram.

“It’s called Break-Up Boss, and it has a singular goal: to help women handle, heal and move on from their breakup in a healthy, positive way. To act as a digital pocket coach for your traumatised, fragile, gorgeous little heart. After all: Why should a break-up be the boss of your life, mood, personality, diet, social life, sleep patterns, and (now ravenous and atrocious) drinking habits? Fuck that. You gotta take back control. You gotta be the boss of your break-up. You gotta make it work for you. And hopefully, with Break-Up Boss, you will.”

Zoe first attracted the interest of fans this morning when she shared a cryptic photo on Instagram.

“I am TWITCHY with excitement to be announcing my new project later today. For now, here is a cryptic but delightful sneaky-peek of said project, care of the enchanting and brilliant @bymariandrew, who by some stroke of magic, collaborated with me on it. #cryptic #twitchy #newproject,” she wrote.

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She caused speculation that she could be announcing the release date of season 2 of The Wrong Girl given that just a week ago she posted some fake story ideas…

“Super confidential sneak peek into the writer’s room today, where we’re working on season two of The Wrong Girl. DON’T TELL ANYONE YOU SAW THIS. #confidential #thewronggirl #voteforBernard”

However she mentioned she is collaborating with Mari Andrew, who is a writer and illustrator, suggesting it could be something in print.

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