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This Is What Zoë Foster Blake Wants Women To Know About Pregnancy

"I spent almost three years in daily pain."

Zoë Foster Blake has opened up about her second pregnancy, saying that so far it has been a lot easier than her first.

The 36-year-old who gave birth to her first child, Sonny, in 2014 suffered from intense pelvic pain while pregnant which eventually developed into an inflammation called Ostetis Pubis and Zoe not being able to walk without crutches from 31 weeks onwards. 

In a new Instagram post she writes, “The crux is: I didn’t know pelvic pain was A Thing, and I paid dearly for my ignorance.”

On her blog, she goes on to explain in full how much daily agony she was in and how it could’ve been prevented had she known what to do.

“In my obliviousness, I did zero exercise or strengthening, and had no treatment”, she writes.

Zoë says she was terrified to go through pregnancy again but that so far she has been finding it a lot easier due to “pilates, osteopathy, lots of dull at-home exercises and a spell from a lovely white witch named Brenda.”

The beauty mogul highly recommends pre and post-natal pilates, getting an osteo – “one who understands the pregnant body” – and seeing them at least monthly, and to “Always eat the goddamn pancakes.”

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