5 Healthy Food Switches That Will Get Results

Without feeling like a sacrifice

Life’s too short to feel like you’re going without (and definitely too short to forgo a delicious dessert), which is why we’re all about making simple tweaks with big benefits.

Make these healthy changes to your diet and you’ll be amazed by the difference such small swaps can make.

1. Swap out: sugar-laden cereals

Swap in: Carman’s Natural 5-Grain & Super Seed Porridge

Carman’s nourishing porridge sachets have 40 per cent less sugar than others on the supermarket shelves – and far less than your average cereal. They use raw sugar, not white, in both their Golden Maple and Honey Vanilla & Cinnamon flavours – and the new Natural 5-Grain & Super Seed Porridge has no added sugar whatsoever. Slice banana on top and drizzle with honey for a warming, indulgent winter brekky with zero guilt factor.

2. Swap out: your second coffee

Swap in: bone broth

Cancel your liquid calorie count by swapping that second (or third!) coffee for a steaming bowl of bone broth. DIY by saving the carcass from a roast chicken and simmer with vegetables and a dash of apple cider vinegar for about eight hours. “It’s packed full of electrolytes and amino acids to boost immunity,” says marie claire lifestyle editor Anna McCooe.

3. Swap out: butter

Swap in: olive oil

Why use bad fats when you can use good? While butter contains unhealthy saturated fat, olive oil is a source of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), a ‘healthy fat’ that’s been found to lower cholesterol (butter, not so much). Replace one teaspoon of butter with ¾ teaspoon of olive oil and use for all your cooking and baking.

4. Swap out: green tea

Swap in: matcha

Boost the benefits of your cup of green tea by upgrading to matcha instead. The ultra-fine, bright green powder contains considerably more antioxidants than you get by simply steeping the tea leaves, plus is a potent source of catechins, chlorophyll, vitamin C and zinc. Do as the Japanese have done for centuries and whisk a teaspoon in hot water.

5. Swap out: chocolate

Swap in: nuts

We know: nuts are no replacement for chocolate. Just save the good stuff for dessert and replace your 3pm chocolate fix for a healthy handful of nuts instead. Choose raw and unsalted over roasted and mix up your varieties to reap the full range of nutritional benefits. Almonds are rich in protein, calcium and vitamin E; cashews contain iron and walnuts are packed with omega 3 and antioxidants. Just resist the temptation to add dried banana chips, as they’re surprisingly high in cholesterol.

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