Here’s Where You’ve Probably Seen The Cast Of Netflix’s ‘Aftermath’ Before

'Twilight', anyone?

Aftermath has recently dropped on Netflix and it’s already got people talking. The horror flick features everything from mysterious disappearances to creepy houses and paranormal activity. 

As with any movie, it’s likely you sat there for a few minutes wondering, ‘where have I seen this actor before?’ Luckily for you, we’ve figured out exactly why their faces look familiar, and where you’ve most definitely seen them already. 

Below, where you’ve likely seen each of the actors and actresses before. 

Ashley Greene as Natalie Dadich


Ashley Greene stars as Natalie Dadich, wife of Kevin Dadich. The couple decide to move into a house where a murder recently took place, before experiencing bizarre and unsettling paranormal activity. 

You’d almost certainly recognise Greene from her role as Alice Cullen in all five Twilight movies and Ashley in LOL alongside Miley Cyrus. 

Shawn Ashmore as Kevin Dadich


Shawn Ashmore takes the other leading role as Kevin Dadich, husband to Ashley Dadich. He is the one who decides to move the couple into the haunted home, after cleaning up the grisly murder scene. 

Ashmore is best known for his role as Bobby Drake/Ice Man in the X-Men movies which he starred in from 2000-2014. He also appeared as George in the star-studded cast of Mother’s Day and as Eric Summers in Smallville from 2002-2004. 

Sharif Atkins as Officer Richardson


Atkins stars as Officer Richardson in Aftermath, who investigates the mysterious happenings within the house. 

The actor is previously known for playing Michael Gallant in the hit medical TV show ER from 2001-2009 and as Nova Arresting Pilot in Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Britt Baron as Dani


Baron plays Dani, sister of Natalie Dadich whose mysterious disappearance within the house causes great distress. 

The actress is best known for playing Justine Biagi in GLOW and Stasia Cooper in the film, The Thing About Harry. 

Diana Hopper as Avery


Diana joins the cast as a potential love interest for Kevin Dadich, when he meets her at college amid his floundering marriage with Natalie. 

Hopper is most well-known for playing Denise McBride in Goliath from 2016-2021, and Duke in the movie, Bit. 

Jamie Kaler as Dave


Kaler stars as Dave in Aftermath, a friend of Kevin’s who he works with as a crime scene cleaner. 

The actor starred as Mike Callahan in the show My Boys from 2006-2010 and Captain Polonsky in Tacoma FD from 2019-2020. He also appeared as Jim in an episode of the hit TV show, How I Met Your Mother. 

Jason Liles as Otto


Jason Liles may not have had the longest time onscreen during Aftermath, but he certainly had one of the most memorable performances as Otto, the deranged man living inside the house and causing a series of disturbances. 

Liles has previously appeared as George in the movie Rampage and Ryuk in film, Death Note. 

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