Why Netflix’s ‘AlRawabi School for Girls’ Is Taking The World By Storm

The Jordanian teen drama has been likened to 'Gossip Girl'.

If you’re in the market for a new series to watch (we’re looking at you, The White Lotus fans), then you’re in luck. Netflix has just released a new series, AlRawabi School for Girls—and seeing as it’s already raced into the platform’s ‘trending’ section, it’s safe to say the show is a goodun’. 

The Arabic original series centres around a girls high school, with a group of outsiders making a plan to get back at the bullies on campus. 

While the premise itself seems simple enough, it’s a show full of peaks and troughs and explores many different themes. Created by talented Jordanian producer, director and writer Tima Shomali, the narrative merges clever, fast-paced drama with a relatable approach. 

Here, everything you need to know about AlRawabi School for Girls—including its plot and cast list. 

(Credit: Netflix)

What is the plot of AlRawabi School for Girls

The Netflix series centres around a group of school girls living in Amman, Jordan. Their lives are typical to that of many teenage girls—navigating adolescence, building friendships and talking about Zac Efron’s abs.

But when one of the girls in the group of “outsiders” is attacked by one of the “popular” girls, she and her friends plan a series of stunts in order to seek revenge.

Who is in the cast of AlRawabi School for Girls

Andria Tayeh plays the main victim Mariam alongside Yara Mustafa and Rakeen Sa’ad as her allies Dina and Noaf, who help to plot revenge on the “popular” girls. 

Said leader of the “popular” group Layan is played by Noor Taher while her buddy Raina is played by Joanna Arida. 

The series was created by popular Jordanian comedy actress Tima Shomali. She has previously been referred to as the “Tina Fey of the Arab world”. 

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Is AlRawabi School for Girls good? 

Despite only recently being released globally, Alrawbi School For Girls has quickly earned high praise and currently sits in Netflix’s trending list, meaning a legion of loyal viewers are already settling in to watch it. 

Per Decider, the show has been likened to HBO’s rebooted series Gossip Girl, but with a “better-written story”. 

Will there be a second season of AlRawabi School for Girls?

The first season was released as a six-part limited series, and while that does mean there’s no second season confirmed on the horizon just yet, it’s not to say Netflix won’t renew it at a later date.

A season 2 is likely to depend on the reception the first season gets—going by its first week on the market, things are looking good. 

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