An Australian Mum Shares Her Weekly Money Diary

Every dollar she spends, saves and splashes

In a new marie claire series we chart the financial lives of different Australian women, from bargain hunters to impulse buyers and shrewd savers. This week: a breadwinning mum hoping to save for a house deposit.


Occupation: PR business owner 
Age: 34 
Location: Victoria 
$150k – $200k (before tax) 
Monthly pay: Approximately $7500

Rent: $1558
Health insurance:
Car insurance:
Utility bills:
Debt consolidation loan:
Meal subscription:
Dance lessons:
TOTAL: $2880.95

I work from home in my own PR business, now in its third year. The business covers all the finances for the family because my husband is not currently working. We have an eight-year-old daughter. On the side I’m studying psychic development and a lot of my spending goes towards this. I hope to eventually save for a house deposit. We are currently renting a three-bedroom house outside Melbourne.

I wake up and feed the animals, then make breakfast for the family. This morning, I’m organising an event for a client, designing the invitation and finalising the guest list. In the afternoon I go to the supermarket to pick up dog and cat wet food, vegetables, dishwashing powder and bread ($56.60). At home, I cook dinner with my daughter, and finish the day with a meditation.
Daily spend: $56.60

Work today involves responding to media callouts and requests, writing press releases and scheduling social media posts for a client. I go to the pet shop for some specialty dry cat food ($40), then catch up on emails, getting slightly distracted and ordering some essential oils and a candle online ($52.28). In the evening I attend the final night of my psychic development course.
Daily spend: $92.28

I head to a healing centre for a treatment from a friend. I feel so calm and centred afterwards. I offer her the full fee but she refuses, so I pay a part ($50). I pick up my daughter and buy her a treat at a cafe on the way home ($8).
Daily spend: $58

I’m working on a stall for an upcoming spiritual expo and order flyers and stickers from Vistaprint on sale ($85). I jump onto Etsy and order sewing patterns to make a baby mobile for my brother ($36.20), and a new skin for my Macbook keyboard ($36). Every Thursday, my daughter and I go late-night shopping and have dinner in the food court ($16.15). We buy a birthday present for her friend at Kmart, along with some hair bows, jumpers and a toy ($130.50). After grocery shopping ($34.20), we pick up dinner for my husband ($25.20) and pay for parking ($3).
Daily spend: $366.25

After breakfast, I get down to client emails and reports. Then I order some epoxy primer for the ute my husband is doing up ($347.20). I renew my magazine subscriptions for work ($90), get my nails done ($40) and do the weekend grocery shopping ($113.45). 
Daily spend: $590.65

WEEKDAY SPEND: $1163.78 

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