Fans Have Spotted A Cheeky Crossover Between ‘And Just Like That…’ And ‘Emily In Paris’

Did you see it?

Warning: The following article contains potential spoilers for And Just Like That season one, episode nine.

There’s no doubt in our minds that fans of the Sex And The City reboot, And Just Like That…, would have already watched the show’s ninth episode upon its release last night.

For those who didn’t, we suggest you stop reading. For those who did, then the second last episode of the season would have had you cheering, crying and bursting out in laughter. But what many may not have noticed was an interesting crossover between the SATC reboot and Emily In Paris.

The main premise of the episode sees the women and their new friends—Nya Wallace, Lisa Todd Wexley and Seema Patel—helping to paint a women’s shelter in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. But when Carrie’s real-estate agent friend, Seema, chooses not to ruin her gorgeous attire with paint, she takes a seat down the block, sipping on a coffee and smoking a cigarette.

Having told Carrie earlier in the episode that she hopes to find “her guy” in her 54th year around the sun, it looks like Seema may find it sooner than she thought. Pulling up in a sports car next to her table, a handsome man exits the vehicle and introduces himself as Zed, a club owner for the venue she’s seated in front of.

William Abadie
(Credit: HBO)

Of course, he’s handsome and sophisticated, but eagle-eyed fans noticed that his face felt oh-so-familiar. Played by William Abadie, the actor is also the face of Antoine Lambert in Emily In Paris.

Sure, the characters are not the same, but there are some eerie similarities between the two. You see, while Zed is a successful club owner in New York City, Lambert essentially turned Gabriel’s beloved Parisian restaurant into a nightclub in the show’s second season.

William Abadie
(Credit: @william_abadie)

In fact, that’s not the only other time that Abadie’s face has popped up on our screens. Die-hard Sex And The City fans may recognise him in the original show’s fifth episode of its sixth season, titled ‘Lights, Camera, Relationship’.

During Carrie and Berger’s relationship, she takes the struggling writer—and future post-it writer—to her favourite Prada store to treat herself with her book advance. While they’re there, she introduces Berger to Abadie, as Prada store worker Tony, who ends up going as Charlotte’s plus-one while attending Smith’s Brooklyn play, later that episode.

Before you confuse Tony and Zed, remember that Sex And The City had a penchant for re-using the same celebrity for multiple roles. After all, Justin Theroux famously starred in the series twice.

William Abadie
(Credit: HBO)

In season one, Theroux made his debut for the series as Jared, who Carrie uses to try and make Big jealous. And in season two, he returns to play Vaughn Wysel, a boyfriend of Carrie whose incredible family she adores. However, the pair struggle to make it work after certain, uhm, problems in the bedroom.

While Theroux’s characters tended to only last for one episode each, by the look of the final moments in And Just Like That…‘s ninth episode—and the clear chemistry with Seema—Zed is bound to be making another appearance in the season finale, or hopefully, the show’s presumed second season.

Either way, we can’t wait.

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