Bridezilla Disowns Friends And Family Who Refused To Pay $1500 Each To Attend Wedding

Buckle up, this is a wild ride

Ah Reddit, the place to thank for basically every incredible bridezilla story out there – brides telling bridesmaids to dye their ‘attention grabbing hair and others kicking the ‘ugly’ people out of group photos, but we’re calling it: this one takes the cake. 

A thread named ‘Begging for a Wedding‘, tells the story of bride-turned-total-bridezilla Susan, who asked her friends and family to chip in $1500 each towards her $60k dream wedding in Aruba. 

In a long Facebook post, Susan revealed her wedding had been cancelled due to people refusing to pay up and her relationship with her fiance had thus ended. 

Susan revealed that after a psychic told her and her then-partner to “go with the more expensive option”, the pair thought, “why the hell not?” (hindsight is a beautiful thing) and began to plan their extravagant $60k nuptials. 

But when only eight people RSVP’d to the day, things started to go downhill.

“I just wanted to be a Kardashian for a day and then live my life like normal,” Susan explains, saying that when her maid of honour told her she should stick to her budget, “I called her a filthy f*cking poor excuse of a friend and hung up.”


As soon as she posted the rant to Facebook, someone wrote: “I have no words. You’re out of your mind, Susan” and another commented, “WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?? Who the hell EXPECTS that amount of money?”

You can read the full novel – warning: swear words very much included – here

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