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Wedding Guests Reveal The Most Crazy Bridezilla Moments Ever

These stories are incredbile

We’ve all heard the term Bridezilla. You know, those brides who go a little OTT on their big day, no matter what the cost.

In a new thread on Reddit, people have revealed their very best (worst) experiences with these brides, through shocking confessions.

It all started when Reddit user ‘Cadbubby’ took to the forum to ask: “What is the biggest bridezilla moment you’ve witnessed?”

Well, over 3,500 responses tell the tales of guests and bridesmaids who have suffered a the hands of controlling brides – and trust us, the stories are entertaining.

1. No ‘Ugly People’ Allowed

“I saw a bride kick ugly people out of a group photo.”

2. I Ruined The Wedding By Looking ‘Bored’

“I was 17 and my dad was marrying a terrible woman. She made my brother and I walk my dad down the aisle. No big deal, whatever.

When the wedding was over, I was summoned to her hotel room so she could scream at me that I looked bored when I was standing next to my dad and I ruined her whole wedding. She then proceeded to tell me that I was not allowed to live with her and her children at her house and had to live at my dad’s house alone, where he would visit me on weekends.

Five months later, my dad takes me out to get Chinese food and tell me they’re getting a divorce.”

3. Too Pretty To Be A Bridesmaid

A girl I know, I’ll call her Kate, was bridesmaid at a wedding. On the morning of the wedding the bride had a full on screaming bitch fit and demoted Kate from being bridesmaid because she had decided that Kate looked too pretty after having her makeup done and bride wanted to be the prettiest.”

4. Don’t Tell A Brideszilla To Go To The Gym

“I used to work in a place that was like a wedding mall of sorts. They sold everything from the dress to the food to the DJ’s and video production. It was a one stop shop. This lady came in and demanded to be refit. She was claiming they made her dress too small. Our staff quickly took her back and started ensuring their measurements were correct that they used to have the dress made. Nope. She had gained 15lbs since her fitting. My boss said, “Ma’am, I’m not sure how to say this, but you’ve gotten bigger. The dress matches the measurements we took of you when you ordered the dress.” She threatened to call all kinds of police and new “Action” reporters. Ultimately my boss said, “If you going to call anyone I’d recommend a gym.” The guy was brutal.

5. A Facebook Rant Gone Wrong

One day after her wedding, a friend I went to school with went on a rampage on Facebook about how none of her friends showed up to her big day and, the ones that did show up, didn’t dance or participate in anything at the reception. She blasted everyone and made her wedding party feel like shit because she spent too much money on unnecessary things that no one used (mainly the photo booth and tons of rented costumes and accessories to use in the booth). She made a second post an hour later complaining about all of the people that stopped her to take pictures and didn’t let her enjoy her party. It was hilarious to watch the comments flood in from people who went and were pissed and a few requested their gifts back. The kicker here is that a former classmate, someone who has a lot of mutual friends with the bride, lost his infant son earlier that week and the baby’s services fell on the same day as the wedding. Most of the people she was bitching at for not coming had opted to go to the child’s funeral service instead of her wedding. She lost a lot of respect and a lot of friends in two hours.” 

6. Don’t Worry About The Bride, It’s The Mother Who’s A Monster

I’ve been to something like 70 weddings, I worked as a waiter and busboy at a banquet hall. In my experience, the bride’s mother is the real terror. usually because, at least in my experience, it’s her and the father actually paying for everything. I saw the brides mother, leading a pack of bridesmaids like hunting dogs straining at their leashes, corner a co-worker and threaten to have the mafia violate and kill his family if he didn’t re-fold the napkins at every place setting.”

7. An Upgrade Worthy Tantrum 

“When I was about thirteen I was flying with my folks to visit family in Hawaii. While we were waiting for our flight, I overheard a woman throwing a temper tantrum to the desk agent.She kept going on and on about how she was the bride and how she needed to be upgraded to first class or it was going to ruin her honeymoon. Screaming, crying, like full on toddler style temper tantrum.”

8. Don’t Leave Weapons Near A Bride’s Mother

I was working at a catering company back in high school. At one job, I saw the mother of the bride at a wedding pick up the carving knife at the beef carving station and almost stab the guy responsible for the beef. She stopped herself before doing it, but the guy had genuine terror in his eyes.” 

9. I Was Told I Was Trying To Make Myself ‘Uglier’

“Spent weeks crying to my sister and I that ‘No one is happy enough that we’re getting married!’ She literally wanted us to call her once a week and tell her how happy we were that she was getting hitched, and how lucky we felt to be in her wedding party.

When we went bridesmaid dress shopping, she broke down crying when we chose the less expensive dress and accused us all of trying to ruin her big day by making ourselves uglier. Yes, uglier.

The next day, she called me to tell me I was out of the wedding party because I just wasn’t the kind of person she wanted in her wedding. You know, after we bought the dresses. She then invited other people to take my, and my sister’s place, in her wedding party, with the expectation that she’d be able to give them the dresses we’d paid for. She called, screaming that I had ruined EVERYTHING when she went to pick up her bridesmaid’s dresses and was 2 short. I had called and cancelled the order, and gotten a refund.

Yes, I got a refund from David’s Bridal. AMA.” 

10. Only The Bride Deserves Compliments, People

“Not to me, but to my sister: her boyfriend’s sister was getting married that day and my sister came to their house early to help her into the dress. They came out of a room at the same time, and the father of the bride wasn’t able to see his daughter clearly, so he told my sister that she looked beautiful that day. The bride got offended because she thought her father had ignored her for my sister, and they had to spend an hour trying to coax her out of the room she locked herself into to cry and scream.”

11. Bride Approved Guests Only

Bride didn’t allow the groom to pick who he wanted to come for his side of the wedding. Only Bride-approved groomsmen, best man, family, etc. I wasn’t invited, so I can’t comment on how the wedding went. I’d been the groom’s best friend for the previous 17 years but generally disliked how incredibly controlling his girlfriend (now wife) was. His own brother wasn’t invited to the wedding either (same reason).” 

12. Don’t Mess With The Theme

Bride slapped her husband and left him at the alter as he was wearing a red tie instead of a bright pink flowery one that she wanted all the men to wear to fit in with her “pink princess wedding”, she told him in a text that he had “ruined her special day”. Only her nephew was wearing the tie, he was a 1-year-old.” 

13. But Of Course

“The bride asked me what colour her bridesmaids should wear (I was one.) I told her that given all five of us were redheads, a pale, pastel lilac is the only colour which should be avoided, as it makes us look dead. Guess what dresses she picked? Floor length silk, pastel lilac. I assumed she’d forgot. Her sweet husband later told me, completely nonplussed, that of course the bride has to put bridesmaids in awful dresses because she has to be the prettiest on the day.” 

14. Do Not Have A Wedding During That Time Of The Month

Bride RESENTED the decision to do the wedding on this day because she was on her period and was overly dramatic about his suit not being “elegantly fitting for her wedding” and not matching her “fabulous dress.”” 

15. It’s My Big Day Year

“My sister in law threw a massive fit because my other brother proposed to his girlfriend and they wanted to get married in the same year, but months apart (June vs December). She said it was her special year and didn’t want her attention taken, even though they waited 3 years to get married. My other brother ended up just waiting ’til January the next year.”

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