Know any brides? They’re Going To Want To See THIS

Two Aussie friends have dreamed up a brilliant website - to help brides have the day of their dreams

As any bride will tell you, once you’ve decided upon The Dress, the second most important decision for any wedding is the venue.

It’s the venue that sets the tone, whether that means monumental church, a sunny beach or – as is increasingly popular, rustic barn.

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Which is why WedShed – which bills itself as AirBnb for weddings and connects venues with brides – is such a brilliant idea. (And, no, we’re not on commission.)

(Credit: Wedshed)

WedShed is the brainchild of Melany McBride and Amy Parfett. They came up with the idea after a girlfriend became engaged. “We were tasked with helping our bride-to-be find a unique wedding venue. Piece of cake, we thought.”

Not quite. After a long and difficult search for the perfect location, they realised there was a huge gap in the market for privately owned venues – from woolsheds to wineries, airplane hangars and barns to warehouses.

So they came up with WedShed, an online platform that brings together a range of unique Australian venues for hire (not to mention one of those “wish we’d thought of it” business ideas). Brilliant! 

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