Anna Delvey Spills Her Thoughts On ‘Inventing Anna’ In A Rare, Candid Podcast Interview

Julia Fox had Delvey as a guest, and the two got real.

Though she may be locked away in a detention centre, Anna Delvey isn’t one to keep quiet, especially when it comes to giving her two cents on anything involving her crimes. A few weeks ago, the convicted fraudster hinted at an upcoming project with Uncut Gems star, Julia Fox, which has now been revealed to be a podcast episode on Fox’s podcast, Forbidden Fruits. 

Recording from the Orange County Correctional Facility in Goshen, Delvey spoke about everything from her thoughts on Netflix’s Inventing Anna, to her relationship with the fictional ‘Chase‘, her feud with ex-friend Rachel and her meeting with Julia Garner

Below, the biggest revelations to come from Anna’s podcast stint.

Her thoughts on Julia Garner

As we know, actress Julia Garner went to visit Delvey in prison before playing her in Inventing Anna. 

“She came to see me in Albion and she’s a very sweet girl,” Anna told Fox. “We had one meeting and I asked her to do my accent. And it’s just so weird because the way you hear yourself, it’s just completely different.” 

Garner has also spoken out about their meeting, revealing that she felt very intimidated at first, but ultimately wanted people to see the humanity in Anna. Speaking to marie claire Australia for the March cover, Garner said: 

“It was very intimidating, but when I just repeated what she was saying, she thought it was so funny. I told Anna that it was my goal for people to see her as a person instead of a caricature. They don’t have to agree with what she did, but they should be open and willing to understand why she did it. People make mistakes and Anna is a person.”

During Delvey’s podcast interview, Fox stated that she’d only give Garner a six out of ten for her onscreen accent, saying, “She did a little too much. Yours is a little more subtle. She really dove into the accent.”  

Surprisingly, Delvey ran to defend Garner’s portrayal of herself, explaining that during the era in which the show was set, her Russian/German accent hybrid was likely as thick as Garner was making it out to be. 

“She was portraying me from like, 2015, 2016, 2017. So now I’ve spent the past four years just in the States. I was surrounded by Americans so maybe my accent was different.” 


Her feud with Rachel

The feud between Delvey and her ex-best friend Rachel DeLoache Williams has only continued to escalate since the show aired, with Williams publicly expressing her dissatisfaction with the way she’s been portrayed in the show. She also publicly criticised the network for allowing Delvey to profit off its creation, despite Williams herself also continuing to profit off the debacle with a book deal. 

Every time I get on the phone with somebody, they would be like, ‘Oh we saw the rat-face Rachel on TV again, And I’m like wait a second,’ Delvey responded, when asked about Williams on the podcast. “Then I opened The Post, it’s just annoying. It was just one article too many that day.” 

Delvey is referring to the multiple articles Rachel has written and been interviewed for, which condemn the acts of the fake heiress while painting Williams as an innocent victim. 

Anna recently took to Instagram stories to write a scathing tell-all about her feud with Williams, where she alleged that Williams’ publicist approached her lawyer to discuss a joint book-deal, which Delvey was quick to deny. 

During her numerous public cries for attention claiming I ‘ruined’ her life, relentless Rachel DeLoache Williams conveniently forgets to mention the curious period of time during summer of ‘i8 (sic) when she herself along with her newly acquired literary agent were repeatedly harassing my lawyer Todd (both via email and phone) to get me to agree to write a book TOGETHER with Rachel. And the best part is – this time around, I’ve got all the receipts,” Delvey wrote. 

During her time on Forbidden Fruits, Delvey confirmed that she isn’t able to access Instagram herself, but has someone posting content on her behalf. “It’s me, but somebody is posting it for me,” she explained. 


The truth about Chase 

Inventing Anna documents a relationship between Anna and a man named Chase, whom she makes her boyfriend/business partner. Since its premiere, viewers have been dying to know who Chase’s character was based on, but unsurprisingly, Anna has remained tight-lipped on the matter. That being said, her interview with Julia Fox shone a little light on her romantic life, where she revealed Chase could but everybody and nobody. 

“I would say like Chase is just a composite of characters and half of it is fiction and half of it is based on real life. “There is nobody named Chase,” she clarified. Later, she revealed she had a few boyfriends throughout her adult years, but didn’t elaborate further. 

Last month, Delvey tried to incite a bidding war over an exclusive interview with the publication who correctly identified the ‘real’ Chase. “Bid starts at 10K, DM to bid,” she wrote. 


The courtroom fashion drama 

During Anna’s trial, she was said to be incredibly picky with what items of clothing she would wear. With an Instagram page dedicated to her courtroom looks, (which still exists today), Anna’s sartorial choices became a major talking point, with many wondering how she was able to pull off each look from behind bars. 

“They would not give me clothes at Rikers,” Anna explained to Fox. “So they basically were saying somebody has to bring you the clothes when you are in jail.” 

Jessica Pressler the journalist who inspired the character Vivian in Inventing Anna, really did end up going shopping for Anna, as depicted in she show. “She did buy the heels,” Anna added. “They gave me the heels.”

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