The car all the cool kids drive

For a small SUV Audi's managed to make it look less boxy than normal

It’s not your typical Audi in that it’s not super luxurious. The interiors are a tiny bit yin and yang, as it bounces from the plasticky finish on the dash and doors to the impressive leather seats and steering wheel. 

They’ve focused on making the interior cool, rather than luxe, with a premium matte black finish around the centre console area and red metallic accents throughout which actually work really well. And you get Audi’s ‘virtual cockpit’, a fully digitised screen with the speedometer displayed on a map of where you’re actually travelling. You can customise the view and it makes the whole car look swish and ultra modern.

It’s a fun car to get around town in – fast and zippy so you can weave in and out of traffic easily

The small turning circle and the size of the car means you’ll have less trouble parking and doing u-turns. From the outside it’s cool and it’s cute. Like a miniature version of it’s big brother, the Q5. I drove it in Audi’s signature flat grey which I used to not particularly like but it’s grown on me. It’s modern and chic and looks good with any outfit #priorities.

The car comes with Audi’s MMI sat nav technology which includes voice control and it has eight speakers, but you can upgrade or 10 or even 14 if your heart so desires. The sound is pretty fab either way.

Plug in your phone to be connected via Apple Carplay or Android Auto and your phone’s main apps will appear for use on the multimedia screen. You can also use voice control here to send texts and make phone calls so you never have to touch your phone while driving again.

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