Ava Phillippe Is The Spitting Image Of Her Mum, Reese Witherspoon

"I thought she was Reese."

Many celebrity offspring bear a natural resemblance to their famous parents, but when it comes to Ava Phillipe, it’s almost an identical match.

Ava, 23, is the only daughter of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe, and older sister to the couple’s son, Deacon, 19. She also has a half-sibling, Tennessee Toth, 10, who is the child of Reese and her recent ex-husband, talent agent Jim Toth

Reese with her eldest two children, Ava and Deacon. (Credit: Image: Getty)

While it’s not unusual for the public to take an interest in the children of mega-stars, Ava has been earning her share of public attention for just how jaw-droppingly similar she looks to her movie star mum, Reese

With long blonde hair, sky-blue eyes, and her mum’s signature smile, it’s easy to see why Ava’s Instagram is regularly flooded with comments like, “I thought she was Reese,” and, “You look just like your mum!”

So in honour of the look-a-like duo, below, everything we know about Ava Phillipe.

Ava and Reese. (Credit: Image: @reesewitherspoon)

What Does Ava Phillippe Do?

Unlike other ‘nepo babies’, Ava hasn’t appeared to follow in her mum’s acting footsteps. Instead, the 23-year-old studied at University of California, Berkeley. 

In an interview on the Ellen show, Reese said she had a hard time adjusting to her daughter’s transition from teen to college student. 

“I might have gone into her empty room, laid down on her bed and cried when she went to college,” she shared. 

In addition to furthering her education, Ava has also landed a host of impressive brand deals, which she regularly shares to her Instagram of one million followers. Among her clientele? Beyonce’s Ivy Park, Celine, Uniqlo, Biossance, and Aerie. 

A post in collaboration with Celine. (Credit: Image: @avaphillippe)

Is Ava Phillippe Close With Her Mum, Reese Witherspoon?

As it turns out, Ava and Reese don’t just look alike – the pair are basically besties, too.

For her last birthday, Ava took to Instagram to honour her mum with the sweetest photo, writing: 

“While I am endlessly inspired by her and so proud of all she’s accomplished, what I admire most is the way she moves through the world as a curious, considerate, gracious, and loving person. With each year, I find even more reasons to love her, and I am thrilled to celebrate another year of her bright light in my life!”

Reese and Ava. (Credit: Image: @reesewitherspoon)

And the feeling is certainly mutual, with Reese regularly gushing about her only daughter in interviews.

Speaking to InStyle, the actress and producer said, “Ava is so down-to-earth. She wants to do great things in the world.”

“She’s studying and learning and trying to find herself. It’s a big thing in life to try different things and figure out what is really your path.”

What Did Ava Phillipe Say About Her Sexuality?

Ava recently got candid about her sexuality in an Instagram Q&A, where she interacted with fans’ queries.

One user asked about her sexual preferences, to which the eloquent young woman replied, “I’m attracted to… people! Gender is whatever.” 

Is Ava Phillipe In A Relationship?

Ava on holiday in St Tropez. (Credit: Image: @avaphillippe)

According to reports, Ava previously dated Owen Mahoney, a student at the same university. While neither Owen or Ava have addressed their current relationship status, fans have speculated that the pair are no longer together, after they stopped posting to Instagram together. 

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