This Is How Much People Are Spending On Engagement Rings In Australia

And how to ensure you're picking right.

Just a few weeks ago it was revealed that the cost of the average Australian wedding had skyrocketed in 2017, but something the survey didn’t take into account was how much couples are spending on an engagement ring, prior to the big day.

Though some brides are now opting for unique gemstones and vintage designs, the most popular ring at Tiffany & Co. is still their Tiffany Setting Ring, even after 130 years on the market. 

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, after all. 

According to the incredibly popular jewellery company, people are currently spending on average between $15,000 and $20,000 on an engagement ring in 2017. 

When you’re dropping that amount of money, the process of picking a ring – especially if you’re picking it for your partner – can be incredibly daunting. 

The best advice for a bride-to-be? Go for something classic and minimal. “Purchase something that your eye is never going to get tired of looking at.”

“The more simple, clean and classic a design is the easier it tends to be on the eye over time,” said Bill Nolan of Tiffany & Co. speaking at Powerhouse Museum’s new wedding exhibition ‘Love Is.’

And advice for those dropping a knee? “Purchase a ring you think your partner is going to want to look at for the rest of their life.”

“Look for the colour of the stone. The higher the colour, the whiter the diamond is going to be and the more reflective light it’s going to give off.”

“This creates this optical illusion of making the stone look a little bigger than it actually is.”

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