What To Actually Buy Your Friend For Their Baby Shower

Gifts that they'll love.

Out of all the event presents you need to buy in life, baby shower gifts are up there with the most difficult – especially if you don’t have a baby. It’s a new world of breast pumps, playmats and dummies that can be really hard to navigate if you’re not immersed in it.

We’re here to help you out. Well, us and The Memo co-founders, Phoebe Simmonds and Kate Casey. They head up one of the most perfectly curated websites dedicated to everything mums, babies and kids. 

So what do Phoebe and Kate recommend when it comes to the best baby shower gifts? Read on for their edit.

For Mums

Body Ice

Not exactly a fun topic, but body ice is hailed by many new mums as a god-send for post-birth pain. “We’ve heard of midwives suggesting condoms filled with ice blocks to soothe down there,” explain Kate and Phoebe. “We say, do it right, with the Body Ice Ice and Heat Pack. It comes with two comfy breast pads and a dependable perineum strip plus disposable sleeves, to provide cooling or warming relief in all your sensitive areas.”

Bonus? It looks way cuter than a water-filled condom.

body ice

Body Ice Ice and Heat Pack, $69

Haakaa Breast Pump

Breast pumps are always good baby shower gifts, but with so many on the market it can be hard to know which one is the best to buy. “There’s a reason the Haakaa Breast Pump is beloved the world over for catching milk supply effortlessly,” say Kate and Phoebe. “It’s portable so new mums can take it wherever they go and has no cords or loud pumping noises.”

Haakaa breast pump

Haakaa Breast Pump, $59.95

A Cake For The Shower

Take some responsibility off the expecting by providing a stellar cake for the shower celebration itself.

You can even order cakes online, with some vendors offering delivery. If you’re in Sydney, consider getting an expertly crafted artisan cake by pastry chef Quentin Zerr from the Four Seasons Hotel’s special Art Of Cake Collection. Gorgeous and yummy.

$90-$120 from the Four Seasons Hotel.

A Baby Backpack

“New parents need something practical to hold all the stuff when out and about, but it’s important to still feel like your stylish self,” say Laura and Phoebe. Their advice? “Register for a beautiful baby bag that can moonlight as their regular work bag.”

We love this Prene backpack.


Prene Haven Backpack, $199

For Baby

A Hooded Towel

“We always recommend using a hooded towel when wrapping your baby up after bath time because we lose half of our body heat through our head,” say Phoebe and Kate.

Plus, baby hooded towels are super adorable. We love this one from Kikadu.

baby towel

Kikadu Poncho Rabbit, $112

Swaddle Suits

Swaddling is common practice for newborns, and swaddle suits are an easy way to keep a newborn feeling secure and calm.

swaddle suit

Love To Dream Stage 1 Swaddle Up 2.5 Tog, $49.95

Baby Gear

A Baby Carrier

A great big-ticket item for new mums when it comes to baby shower gifts, baby carriers are heaven for on-the-go new parents who still need to run errands and get around. “Choose an adjustable, all-in-one breathable option like the Ergo Baby Omni Breeze,” suggest Phoebe and Kate. 

Baby carrier

Ergo Omni Breeze Baby Carrier, $369

White Noise Machine

Love sleep? So do babies – and you can gift a new mum and her newborn some great zzz-time with a white noise machine. “Sleep consultants recommend white noise as it reminds your baby of being in the womb, forming a frame of sleep association. White Noise creates a consistent sound environment for a longer, more restful sleep cycle,” say Kate and Phoebe.

White noise machine

Whish White Noise Machine, $99.95

Bottle & Dummy Steriliser

It’s not a cute baby shower present but it’s definitely a practical one, and as Kate and Phoebe say, an “MVP” for new mums. There are many on market but one that works in the microwave can be really handy.


Philips Avent Steam Steriliser, $69

Shnuggle Bath

An option for new mums without bathtubs, the Shnuggle Bath has a wealth of benefits besides being portable. “Its compact size means the water stays warm for longer and takes no time at all to fill and the bum bump ensures your baby won’t slip,” say Phoebe and Kate.

shnuggle bath

Shnuggle Bath, $65

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