Rumour Has It, Bella Varelis And The New ‘Bachelor’ Jimmy Nicholson Were Once An Item

The world of reality TV is oh-so-small

It feels like years since Australia witnessed an emotional Locky Gilbert profess his love for Irena Srbinovska over runner-up Bella Varelis on the 2020 season of The Bachelor, however it looks like Bella went onto look for love with someone else.

And not just any single fella, but rather this year’s Bachelor himself, Jimmy Nicholson.

According to reality TV gossip publication The Wash, Bella revealed that she was in fact set up with Jimmy by mutual friends at the end of last year. But ultimately, their relationship wasn’t written in the stars with the pair mutually parting ways.

Jimmy Nicholson

Sliding into her DMs, The Wash asked Bella how she knows Jimmy, after they discovered that they currently follow each other on Instagram.

Responding to their question, she replied: “Hahaha yeah we were chatting and went on a couple dates towards the end of last year, we got set up by a friend. He’s a really lovely human, definitely deserves to find love!”

She also went onto confirm that they’re still friends and that there is nothing “scandalous” to reveal. 

The publication also made it clear that while fans have speculated that Bella will return for its ninth season to win Jimmy back, this is absolutely not the case as the pair are simply friends.

Of course, aside from their mutual mateship, Bella recently went Instagram official with her boyfriend, Will Stokoe, a photographer who she reportedly met after dating Jimmy, and is still currently dating.

So there you have it folks, the past is in the past. And as for which leading ladies are set to win over Jimmy heart this season, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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