The Internet Thinks It Knows Who Will Win The Bachelor

But do you?
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We’re just hours away from the final rose ceremony and the Internet thinks they know who the winner is. Will it be single mum Alex or Nikki to claim Richie’s heart?

Naturally the Internet has been freaking out over who the winner will be ever since it began, with social media running wild with reports of which blonde beauty will seize the last rose and the man himself.

One theory points to Alex taking out the top spot. The Daily Mail published photos of luggage belonging to both Richie and Alex being loaded into the same van in Bali where filming wrapped up.

However InStyle reported that Richie might have dropped a hint that perhaps it’s Nikki who holds his heart.

“Another thing I love about Nikki,” he told the camera.

One thing we do know is this season of the Bachelor has certainly provided us with all of the romance and all of the drama. Remeber the time Richie and Alex submerged themselves in a chocolate bath or when Nikki and Richie were blessed by a balinese man who said “they’ll be together forever”. Oh and then there was that time Rachael started a fight with Alex about how Nikki was going to win and then Alex proceeded to cry to Nikki about it because you know the things you do for love.

The race to the finish line is on and we cant wait!

So we decided to venture down the weird and wonderful rabbit hole that is the world wide web to bring you some of the best #TeamNikki and not so #TeamAlex pledges of support.

But what about Alex?

On that note we’ll leave you with this. Best of Luck Richie!

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