From Paradise To Politics: Michael Turnbull ‘Considering’ Running For The Senate

Say what now?

Now if you haven’t had a coffee yet today you’re probably scratching your head and wondering if you read that headline correctly. Actually, even if you have had a coffee you’re probably doing that.

And you’d be right to. We’re doing that and we’re the ones writing it.

So Michael Turnbull of The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise, ahem, fame, has announced he’s considering running for the Senate in the next federal election.

“I am considering running for the Senate in the federal election,” he captioned the photo – in which he’s wearing a fancy suit to prove he’s serious. Obviously.

“Yes, that’s right I firmly believe Australia’s younger generation deserve to have a louder voice and play a stronger role in how our country is run. I would be dedicated to being that voice.”

He then asked his fans to comment and let him know what they want to see change/happen to benefit Australians.

Yep. And in case you missed it his campaign slogan is #anewturnbull – yep he’s taking his fight right to the top.

No word yet on which party he’s running for but we’ll be sure to keep you posted with any developments…

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