This Is How The Base Body Babes Actually Stay So Fit

Their exercise and nutrition secrets

In a world (or more accurately, Instagram feed) full of bronzed #fitspo stars, Felicia and Diana, aka the Base Body Babes, stand out. With their focus on sustainable, strength-based workouts, they’ve rapidly amassed a 650k following on Instagram alone, plus set up a bricks-and-mortar training studio with programs that sell out faster than you can say burpee.

The two personal trainer sisters are kicking goals in more ways than one, having just signed as Braun Power Players to boot. Here, we chat fast weight loss fixes (spoiler alert: there aren’t any), how they stay motivated and exactly what they do to look so damn good.  

Realistically, how far in advance should you start ramping up your exercise routine in order to lose weight?

We aren’t about quick fixes, but we’ve been in the industry long enough to have heard almost every type of story as to why people need to get back into training as summer is fast approaching. So in that case, NOW is the right time, the sooner you get started the better.

Generally speaking when people talk about losing weight, they are referring to the reduction of the number on the scales or their body measurements. However, as personal trainers, we aren’t always concerned with these measurements. What we are actually hoping to achieve is actual fat loss and an increase in muscle mass, which will in turn result in a fit, healthy, strong and lean body. With correct training and nutrition, you can start to see and feel results within days, so just get started and watch your body transform.

Are there any fast (but safe!) ways to shed a few kilos?

The words “fast” and “safe” should not go in the same sentence when it comes to fat loss. Of course there are fast ways to lose weight, but none that we would ever promote. There is nothing like good old hard work and dedication to your training and nutrition regime.

What’s the key to a great exercise regime?

Consistency is key! Results are not achievable without the work being put in, so workout and eat well consistently by finding methods you enjoy and can maintain for life. 

What’s the key to getting (and staying!) motivated to work out?

As coaches we have tried so many things to keep ourselves and our clients motivated and after years of experience, we have found one method that always works and that is to ensure positive training morale. By acknowledging and praising great performance in the gym, we are building self-confidence and the more confidence we have in our ability to achieve, the more we want to continue to succeed.

Our favourite way of doing this is by setting strength goals, rather than focusing on fat loss goals which aren’t very quickly visible. We motivate people by getting them strong and as a result their bodies start to transform aesthetically too- to put it simply it is far easier to add a kilogram or more of weight per week on the barbell and successfully lift it than it is to lose a kilogram of body fat on the scales per week. This is our favourite way to see results and encourage a more positive exercise mindset.

Can you talk me through your diet?

Nutrition is so important to us. We believe in eating a well-balanced diet filled with healthy and nutritious whole foods and we try to eat as organically as possible everyday of our lives. We are both quite particular about the foods we put into our bodies. We personally avoid eating gluten, refined sugar and keep dairy to a minimum because we generally feel better eating this way and we ensure we have a component of protein with every meal.

A typical breakfast for us consists of two to three boiled or scrambled eggs, with 2 slices of gluten free toast spread with organic butter, a side of fresh baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and sauerkraut. We love brekkie, it’s definitely our favourite meal of the day. Lunch is always a combination of some kind of protein and fresh veggies. We love organic chicken, fish and red meat. We eat the same way for lunch and dinner. We often snack throughout the day with either a protein packed smoothie with Bare Blends Whey Protein Isolate or nuts and berries.

Are there any foods/drinks you avoid, or suggest your clients avoid?

Deep-fried anything, there are no health benefits here. And soft drinks, full of sugar and crap that rot your teeth and guts. Not nice at all! 

Can you talk me through your pre- and post-workout beauty routines?

We like to keep it pretty basic – as long as our bodies are hair-free, our skin is moisturised and our hair is pulled back off our faces, we are happy! We are loving using the Braun Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa at the moment to remove our unwanted hair – we use it every couple of weeks and it keeps our skin feeling and looking silky smooth for longer.

Do you ever work out wearing makeup, and if so, what products do you use?

Usually we go about our day makeup-free. We will use a light moisturiser or coconut oil on our face and bodies and that is about all.

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