We Now Know The Winner Of ‘Beauty & The Geek’ 2022 & Our Hearts Are Full

Words speak volumes in the case of this pairing.
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The latest season of Beauty And The Geek has given us plenty to discuss—from that transformation to devastating eliminations and several blossoming friendships (and potential relationships). The addition of host Sophie Monk, gem of Australia, sets the whole thing off quite nicely. 

But the one question we keep coming back to is who will win the show and take home the coveted $100,000 in prize money? 

Well, if you pay close attention there were several clues pointing towards one couple in particular (with a couple of outliers who could also be close contenders). 

Below, all the clues that suggest who the winning couple of Beauty And The Geek 2022 will be—and the actual winner from the show. Fair warning, there may be some spoilers ahead.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

Who was rumoured to win Beauty and The Geek 2022? 

Fans were convinced that Karly and Aaron would win the show. As of the night of the final, SportsBet and TAB rankings placed the couple firmly in the top spot with odds of $1.50 on Sportsbet and $1.05. 

Throughout the season, Aaron has been vocal about how much Karly has helped him conquer his fears and step out of his shell. 

“Can’t thank you enough @karllyfisher for helping me get through this,” he wrote after running with dogs in a challenge where he had to face his fear. “I knew how much you wanted to run with Nova today and it meant a lot to me that you handed over the lead to me. Thank you for being such an amazing partner!”

He separately shared another post in tribute to his partner, writing: “Always blessed to have @karllyfisher by my side through this. Thank you for having my back and pushing me to be my very best.” 

(Credit: Channel Nine)

The pair were up against other top contenders include Michael and Tara and Anthony and Tegan, both of whom are currently placed second and third in the bookies odds.

Who won Beauty and the Geek 2022?

By the end of the episode, it wasn’t just Australia who were won over by Karly and Aaron’s friendship. And in the final countdown to announce the winner, host Sophie Monk announced that the winners for Beauty and the Geek 2022 were, in fact, Karly and Aaron.

In the final episode, Karly and Aaron were both dropped from a building in a terrifying test of how supportive they were of one another. Of course, the pair passed with flying colours, emotionally supporting each other the entire way down. But it was once they landed in the pool below that their connection was obvious. Karly ran over to Aaron immediately, bursting into tears in his arms, with Aaron laying a gentle kiss on her forehead.

By the end of the episode, the pair shared how they bonded through the season with the rest of the group. For Karly, she became emotional when recalling how she’s often told she’s “too much”, which inhibited her from being her true self. Comforting a teary Karly, she confessed that if it wasn’t for Aaron, she wouldn’t know how she would have found her confidence, and of course, he felt the same.

After they celebrated their win, Aaron wanted to kick his confidence up a notch and took the opportunity to share his biggest insecurity—his smile. He shared that he plans to spend part of their winnings on improving his smile, after he lost his front teeth in an accident.

In the end, Karly and Aaron ended their time on the show proclaiming that viewers should never be ashamed of themselves, with Aaron closing the episode with his sweet and now-iconic train conductor speech.

All aboard the confidence train!

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