Bed Judd’s Throwback Of Herself As A Teenager Is All Of Us

Braces and all!

Bec Judd is known as one of Australia’s most glamorous stars these days, but it seems the model mumma was just like the rest of us back in the day – braces and all.

The mother-of-four took to her Instagram Stories to share an adorable throwback pic she found of herself.

Rebecca Judd

“Just packing up our house and found this,” she captioned the pic. “I mean, no wonder I got all the fellas when I was 15.”

“Ps. Hey @jaredleto,” she added – referencing the Jared Leto poster on the wall behind her.

Despite her model good looks and glamorous lifestyle these days, Bec likes to keep it real and share the reality of life as a busy mother-of-four.

Earlier this year she released her first book, The Baby Bible, filled with expert advice and tidbits from her own experience of motherhood.

Back in May Bec opened up about the struggles she faced with breastfeeding and the horrible engorged breasts she experienced following the birth of her eldest son, Oscar.

“I looked ridiculous … like Dolly Parton on steroids,” she told

“I was shocked. Oscar being the first I think my boobs just freaked out. They were so hard and it was really difficult to breastfeed because you have to nuzzle into the boob to latch on to the nipple, but because they were rock hard it was almost like he couldn’t get on properly and it was really difficult.

Bec described the pain as “excruciating” and said for her it was worse than when the epidural wore off during labour.

“I was a blubbering mess for two days with these bloody boobs. To touch them was like touching a wall. They were rock hard. It was awful. They were boiling hot. Burning hot.

“I was skinny arms and legs and bazookas out to here.”

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