These Are The Most Popular Bed Threads Linen Colour Combinations

So aesthetically pleasing.

The emergence of linen bedding was, in our eyes, the best trend to emerge in bedroom interiors. Comfortable, snuggly bed sheets plus the aesthetically pleasing look of crushed linen? It’s consistently hard not to buy every colour combination under the sun, to be honest, and Australian label Bed Threads isn’t making it any easier.

If you’re a fan of linen bedding you’re well across Bed Threads – founded several years ago by husband and wife team Allan Biller and Genevieve Rosen-Biller, the brand now spearheads the linen revolution, selling everything from bed linen to dressing gowns and tableware.

But it’s not just the product that’s drawn hype around the brand – although their 100% French flax linen material is to die for. It’s the lust-worthy colour combinations their team come up with, inspiring us all to transform our bedrooms into aesthetically-pleasing havens. 

The Build Your Own Bundle option means you can select various hues to complement, instead of opting for a one-colour set. 

But which to choose? With so many colours on offer, making a decision around which linen combination you’re going to select can be difficult. Because we’re curious (and, to be honest, shopping ourselves right now) we asked the team what the most popular combinations are in 2021.

Rust & Terracotta

bed threads

“One of the biggest colour trends for 2021 has been a palette inspired by the natural environment. Think muted, earthy colours and shades of green, all of which help us to feel calm and grounded,” says co-founder Genevieve Rosen-Biller.

If you’re thinking of an earthy palette, Rust combined with Terracotta reminds us of our sunburnt country itself – the beautiful shades of red sand at dawn. 

Rust & Terracotta Bedding Set, from $230

Olive & Oatmeal

Bed Threads

For a more subdued, calming bedroom, the combination of rich olive linen and soothing oatmeal is the perfect choice.

Olive & Oatmeal Bedding Set, from $230

Sage & White

Bed Threads

If you’re really wanting to play it fresh and breezy, white is always the obvious choice. But why not mix a little pastel colour in with sage? It reminds us of fresh-cut greenery, which is always welcome in our bedroom.

Sage & White Bedding Set, from $230

Turmeric & Oatmeal

Bed Threads

“The 70s are back, with earthy shades of rust, terracotta, turmeric and oatmeal bringing a retro vibe to the home,” says Rosen-Biller. Turmeric is such a bright, poppy colour that will instantly improve your mood each day. 

Turmeric & Oatmeal bedding set, from $230

All Oatmeal

BEd Threads

If you’re not a colour person, we get it. Sometimes an all-neutral palette is just… right. Enter Oatmeal – a little earthier than white, but will complement any colour scheme you have happening.

Oatmeal Bedding Set, from $230

Mineral & Fog

Bed Threads

Two of the more recent hues added to the Bed Threads stables, these two ocean shades work really well together. “Now more than ever there’s a desire to create a feeling of calm and order in the home, so we are seeing serene blues and greys becoming a popular choice,” says Rosen-Biller.

Mineral & Fog Bedding Set, from $230

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