These Are The 10 Best And Worst Countries For Women To Live In

No, Australia doesn't make the list

Make no mistake about it, we’re living in an era where women are gearing up to lead the way. We’re challenging the status quo, defying stereotypes and pushing forward in every field and facet of life. Although we’ve witnessed a seismic shift regarding gender attitudes in recent years, it’s inexcusable that in 2019 women are still scared to walk the streets alone. But does geography really matter? In fact, it matters a lot and we have the research to prove it. 

In the wake of this foreboding fear and the growing number of women moving abroad, Nespick saw the need to research the best countries for women to live. Their ‘2019 Women’s Liveability Index’ analysed over 100 countries via several factors  gender pay gap, literacy rate, life expectancy, and period poverty included  that influence the quality of life women experience. 

Taking the aforementioned factors into consideration, the study saw Norway take out the top spot as the best country for women to live in. Its high standard of living, strong equality legislation and gender pay gap of 7.1 percent (Australia’s currently sits at 17.9 percent) cements its position as one of the most gender equal economies in the world. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Nigeria was considered the worst for women, followed by Ethiopia, Pakistan, and Uganda.

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City of Bergen in Norway

The Top 10 Best Countries For Women

1. Norway

2. Sweden 

3. Canada 

4. Finland 

5. Iceland 

6. Denmark 

7. Ireland 

8. Slovenia 

9. Austria 

10. Estonia

The Top 10 Worst Countries For Women

1. Nigeria

2. Ethiopia 

3. Pakistan 

4. Uganda 

5. Mozambique

6. Laos 

7. Tanzania 

8. Cameroon 

9. Egypt 

10. Rwanda 

You can access the full index here.

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