These Are The Best, Most Stylish Dog Beds In Australia

Because your fur-baby deserves it.

If you’re anything like us, you consider your dog to be your, well, actual baby. They deserve the best, right? We love to pamper our (fur)babies, whether it’s with flashy dog collars right through to, most importantly, the comfiest dog beds going around.

The perfect dog bed for you will be dependent on the size of your dog and its needs. For example, if you have an anxious dog you might want to consider a soothing dog bed. If your dog is prone to back problems, an orthopaedic dog bed that uses memory foam for support could be a good choice.

There are dog beds with covers for those pups that get cold in the night (or like the security of a cover) and flat, summery dog beds for the warmer months.

Below, our top picks for the best dog beds in Australia.

Best For Anxious Dogs: Snooza Cuddler


Snooza Faux Fur Cuddler, $189.99

Snooza’s cuddler bed is a god-send for anxious pups. The fluffy faux-fur covering and deep sleeping pocket means pups feel protected and safe (and most importantly, are super comfortable).

Best For Older Dogs: Barney Bed

barney bed

The Barney Bed, Medium, $330

As dogs get older, they may encounter back problems and sore joints. It’s a good idea to invest in a more solid dog bed that supports them as they snooze. The Barney Bed was designed for dog wellbeing, featuring memory foam for support and an adorable chin-rest.

Best For Snuggling: Harmony Pillow

dog bed

Harmony Pillow, $89.99

This pillow-style dog bed features an attached blanket for your pup to snuggle under, a great choice for cooler months or for dogs who like to feel secure.

Best Minimalist Bed: Fuzzyard The Lounge


Fuzzyard The Lounge, $129.99

Want your interior aesthetic to be void of bright colours? Fuzzyard’s The Lounge comes in this lovely mocha hue, a powder blue or a stone grey. It’s comfortable for your pup and stylish for your lounge room.

Best For Quiet Time: La Doggie Vita Cube

dog beds

La Doggie Vita Dog Cube, $179

If your dog likes to escape for a daytime snooze, this cube could be its perfect match. Featuring a plush interior but dark, light-proof walls, it gives your pup the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the lounge room for a nap.

Best Customisable Bed: Omlet Bolster


Omlet Bolster Dog Bed, from $84.99

This is the ultimate dog bed for customisation. You can add varying styles of legs to the bed, opt for an array of fashionable colour schemes, and even add a chic blanket for your pup to cuddle up in.

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