12 Of The Best BFFs From Your Favourite TV Shows

Who doesn't love a good on-screen BFF?

Lucy and Ethel – I Love Lucy

As the OGs of TV girlfriends – when it comes to these two, “friendship is the perfect blendship”

Meredith and Cristina – Grey’s Anatomy

Forget McDreamy, these twisted sisters were the real love story on Grey’s.


Serena and Blair – Gossip Girl

You’d be lying if you ever said that S and B weren’t the epitome of friendship (and closet) goals 

Samantha and Carrie – Sex And The City

Although Samantha was 100% the best character on the show without a doubt, her ability to bring Carrie back down to earth was what made their friendship so special 

Nina and Billie Proudman – Offspring

A classic case of sisters by chance, besties by choice 

Grace and Frankie

From being simultaneously divorced by their gay husbands, to co-creating a vibrator business targeted to elderly women- these two define feminist friendship goals.

Flaka and Maritza – Orange Is the New Black

While most Litchfield relationships could be described as turbulent at best, these two BFFs keep it real.

Leslie and Ann – Parks And Recreation

These politically minded ladies always knew how to make us laugh. Plus, Leslie was basically the best compliment giver ever

Marissa and Summer – The O.C.

While many fans of the show fawn over the bromance between Seth and Ryan, it’s the friendship of Coop and Sum that shines as the greatest beacon of sisterhood in TV history. 

Hannah and Marnie – Girls

While the dynamics between these two often made us question whether they even liked each other it all, they were 100% always there, which is what really counts, right?

Rory and Lane – Gilmore Girls

As far as childhood best friends go, no one does it better than Rory and Lane. 

Monica and Rachel – Friends

No gallery would be complete without paying ode to Rachel Greene and Monica Geller. These two were #BFFgoals before that hashtag was even a thing. 

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