The 7 Best Film Cameras For Beginners If You Want That #35mm Aesthetic

It's time to ditch the disposables.
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One carefree snap accompanied with a #35mm hashtag? It’s the only way we want to do Instagram.

Film cameras have long been having a moment, and it’s not hard to see why. The unique grain, the rawness of every snap, the inability to ‘take another one’ (or 40) — film photographs are the antithesis to an overly curated grid.

If you’re just dipping your toes into the aesthetic film photography world, read on for our list of beginner-friendly reusable film cameras that will turn your summer memories into works of art.

(Credit: Photography credit: vinbasilio)


The Kodak M38 is a super compact reusable 35mm film camera, which means you can easily slip this in your purse for the best picnic film pics. Or, if you’re looking to bring this on a night out, its easy-to-use flash will make sure you’re always looking fresh (and well lit).

Kodak M38 Film Camera, $72.05 at Amazon.



Just as we thought film cameras couldn’t get any cooler, this RETO 3D Classic film camera takes film pictures into a new dimension – 3D. Featuring three optical grade acrylic lenses, it stitches the images taken on the triple lens to create livelier, artistic shots.  

RETO 3D Classic 35mm Film Camera, $149.95 at Camera House.



The Better Together bundle comes with everything you need to jet off to your next remote getaway. Equipped with this totally chic 35mm film camera, film and camera case. The pre-loaded Snap Film will ensure your photos come out rich in colour while still sitting in the film camera grain-y aesthetic.

Better Together Bundle, $127.95 by 35mm Co.



Not only is the subject (you) so cute, but so is this pink Dubblefilm Show film camera. The plastic body means it’s sturdy while also lightweight enough for you to carry around with you on your adventures all day, every day.

Dubblefilm Show Reusable Film Camera, $114.29 at Amazon.



Got a big group of friends to fit into your photo? The Lomography Diana Mini features a wide-angle lens with four different focal distances to choose from so no one is ever awkwardly cut off.

Plus, there’s a tripod mount-a group pic essential.  

Lomography Diana Mini, $109 at Digidirect.

(Credit: Photography credit: onsundaymorning)


If you’re not here to get down to the nitty gritty of film cameras, then the Ilford film camera is the one for you. Just load the camera up with film, click the shutter and press the film lever. Fuss-free memory making if you ask us. 

Ilford Sprite35-II, $44.95 at Digidirect.



Add a splash of colour with Lomography’s Simple Use film camera. With magenta, yellow and cyan flash filters at your fingertips you can create unique hues with each click.

Lomography Simple Use – Colour Negative 400, $59.95 at Camera House.

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