Lube Is Officially Chic, So Here Are Our Favourite Brands To Shop

Slippery when wet.

Lube is one of those things that makes sex infinitely more fun, but for some reason it’s gotten a bad rap over the years. Why? We’re not sure exactly. Maybe it wasn’t considered sexy or chic enough to deserve any airtime during your bedroom romps, but it’s 2021 now, and as we’ve come to learn, it’s possible to make just about anything chic. 

From lubricants that are so aesthetically-pleasing, they look like a high-end skincare product to lubes that are completely vegan, there’s a formula out there for absolutely everyone. Whether you’re having sex with a partner, indulging in a little solo play or going to town with a toy, lube can make your experience a lot more comfortable (and a lot more fun). 

It’s important to remember that not all lubes are created equal, so we’ve sifted through to bring you the best of the bunch. Not only will these add a little slip and slide to your sexy time, but they’ll also look cute on your nightstand as well. 

Below, our favourite lubes to shop right now. 


Vush Feelin’ Myself Water-Based Intimate Gel, $16.95 from lovehoney

It’s all in the name really. If you’re looking to level up that solo play, this is the lube for you. With a silky smooth glide, this water-based lubricant is soft on your skin and toys. 


Frenchie Oh La La Water-Based Lubricant, $24.95 from lovehoney

Chic, ultra-hydrating and good for the planet, this particular lube has everything we could ever want, and then some. 


FIGR Fluid, $35 from FIGR

Designed to mimic natural lubrication, this formula is very lightweight and gentle. No stickiness here, it’s made with native Australian extracts and is vegan to boot. Oh, and a little goes a long way with this one, so don’t get too excited squeezing the tube. 


Smile Makers Personal Lubricant, $24.95 from cottonon

This lube is packaged so nicely, you’d honestly mistake it for a high-end face serum. Funnily enough, it’s actually labelled as a serum, offering a super silky experience from start to finish. Made with natural plant extract and fragrance-free, its an all-round winner. 


Dame Alu Aloe Vera Lubricant, $27.95 from nourishedlife

As the name suggests, this product is made from aloe leaf juice and a range of plant-derived extracts. It boasts a range of moisturising, anti-inflammatory, and pH-balancing properties, so if you’re looking for a great natural option, this is it. 


Lucy Lube Water-Based Lubricant, $24 from LUCY

Lucy is fairly new in the lube game but they’ve already proven themselves to be one to watch. Featuring just seven simple ingredients, it strips everything right back to basics and is perfect for those with sensitive skin. 


Essensual Lube, $29.95 from LBDO

Besides looking incredibly chic, this lube is formulated with native Australian ingredients that promise to leave you feeling slippery in all the best ways. Throw in the fact that it’s natural, vegan and cruelty-free and we don’t see what’s not to love. 


LELO Personal Moisturizer, $14.95 from adorebeauty

LELO is a well-known name in the sex toy game, and their lubricant is truly on par with the rest of their offerings. Described as the ‘little black dress of your lubricant wardrobe’, it’s suitable for everything from solo and partnered play to silicone-based sex toys. 


Luvloob Water-Based Lubricant. $25.95 from adorebeauty

A naturally-derived, sustainably-sourced, water-based lube that does exactly what it says on the bottle. Our favourite part? It tastes like watermelon. Hello, Harry Styles. 

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