The Best Podcasts That Ruled The Charts (And Our Ears) In 2021

Summer listening awaits.
2021, huh? It wasn’t the best year, was it. But for all the chaos and uncertainty, you can’t deny we had ample amounts of time to spend catching up on everything from the best Netflix shows to the best podcasts.
A go-to for many of us wanting a bit of down-time, to learn something new or simply have a laugh, 2021 may not have delivered on life goals but it certainly did when it came to some of the best podcasts launching.
There have been some fantastic podcasts that have dropped in 2021. From gripping true crime to more epic podcasts made by women for women, below you’ll find the best podcasts that launched this year, just in time for some quality holiday listening. 

Unravel True Crime: Juanita

The latest instalment from acclaimed true crime podcast series Unravel, this time we trace the life and mysterious disappearance of Juanita Nielsen, a journalist and activist from Sydney’s notorious Kings Cross district.

Listen here.

Culture Club

20-somethings Jasmine and Maggie analyse everything from pop culture moments to current social issues with depth and nuance.

Listen here.

Unlocking Us with Brene Brown

You may be familiar with this podcast and Brene’s innate ability to deliver harsh truths in a compassionate manner, but the latest Summer Series, which starts her sisters alongside, unpacks her acclaimed book The Gifts Of Imperfection, and is a must-listen.

Listen here.

Ms Represented

Helmed by the inimitable Annabel Crabb, this podcast and TV series dives deep into the lives and experiences of some truly powerhouse women in Australian politics.

Listen here.

Jeans and a Nice Top

Modern dating can be a gauntlet, but Jeans and a Nice Top wants to guide you through it. Hosts Ash and Mel spent years in their 20s and 30s being single-and-dating, and can now spot a f*ckboy from a mile away – and will help you to, too. 

Listen here.

Stuff The British Stole

As host Marc Fennell says, the British Empire stole “a lot of stuff” during its reign of invading other countries. This podcast will suit history buffs who love quirky facts and back-stories.

Listen here.

In The House & In The Senate

Ex-Bachelor star Alisha Aitken-Radburn put her background in politics to good use in this new podcast, which sees Alisha chat to not just key female political figures from the Australian politics landscape, but also those behind the scenes who we often don’t get to hear from.

Listen here.


While it can be a little US-centric, this podcast is a great way to catch up on culture if you always feel a little behind. Hosts Madison and Rachelle are writers and reporters for Slate, and come together twice-weekly to discuss whatever has gone down on the internet of late.

Listen here.


The Black Lives Matter movement of 2020 was a pivotal moment of change globally, but there are personal stories of loss, grief and triumph that we are yet to hear about. This podcast gives insight into the lives of people who, in some way, are part of the movement.

Listen here.

Welcome To Your Fantasy

If you love true crime and a peek behind-the-scenes, this podcast is right up your alley. Covering the rise of the Chippendales male exotic dancers of the 80s, the podcast reveals a dark underbelly of drugs, crime and ultimately, murder.

Listen here.

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