Australia, Prepare The Roses! ‘The Bachelor’ Australia Has (Finally) Announced When The Series Will Premiere

Here we go! 🌹

It seems like an eternity since we watched an emotional Locky Gilbert profess his love for Irena Srbinovska over runner-up Bella Varelis on the 2020 season of The Bachelor, and while we’ve had the Married At First Sight Grand Reunion drama to tide us over in the reality TV front, there’s nothing quite like a fresh crop of Bachie hopefuls looking for love to really get us excited. 

Well, it’s officially time to prepare the roses, with Channel Ten announcing this year’s leading man: Jimmy Nicholson. 

The 31-year-old airline pilot is a “self-confessed romantic”, according to the official announcement, and is a “passionate go-getter who is ready to find his happily ever after.”

On being the next Bachelor, Jimmy said: “I am a big believer in embracing any opportunity that presents itself, especially if it has the potential to change your life for the better.

Better yet, we don’t have long to wait to obsess over this season’s leading man with Channel Ten announcing the series will premiere on July 21. 

Earlier this year, Channel 10’s Head of Programming, Daniel Monaghan, told TV Tonight, “We’re really happy with who has signed on to The Bachelor,
adding that the suitor for the upcoming ninth season will fit Australia’s ‘most eligible bachelor mould’, but perhaps not in the way we’re used. 

“Which is why it’s such a good phrase! Maybe you can be more desirable, for whatever reason,” he said. Interesting… 

And thankfully, the network has been listening to viewer concerns and has chosen someone we don’t know (meaning, he hasn’t been picked from the past contestant pool).  

“Australia will be very happy with our gentleman,” said Monaghan, adding, “[You don’t know him yet], but you will. I think he’s a fantastic get for the franchise.” 

the bachelor

According to our reality TV gossip podcast So Dramatic!, comedian and I’m A Celebrity contestant Ash Williams had been set to take out the leading role (much to the dismay of viewers). 

Considering Williams would join the long list of moderately famous white men picked to take on the role, following years of us begging for diversity, the 38-year-old comedian was reportedly taken out of the running due to recent charges laid against him late last year, alleging he recorded intimate images of a woman without her consent.

“As we know it was revealed he had been charged with intentionally recording an intimate image without consent, during a sexting incident on the 18th of December last year,” Pustetto revealed.

“Following these charges, Channel 10 made the decision to dump him and cancel his Bachelor contract. So we’re already up to our Plan B Bachelor.”

“A source close to Ash told So Dramatic! that he’s been in talks for years to be The Bachelor, but has never been successful in securing the role. Last year he was in the final stages as well, but he was beaten by Locky, and the year before, the same again, with Matt.”

ash williams

Facing a Sydney court next month, Williams allegedly took screenshots of a woman without her knowledge, where she only became aware of the footage after being sent the images by Williams, per the Sunday Telegraph

Responding to the allegations on January 11, Williams said that he was “completely blindsided” and indicated he will defend himself. 

“I’m really upset by the ­allegation and I’m distressed about the impact it’s had on members of my family, particularly my mum,” Williams told the Sunday Telegraph. “The allegation has left me feeling shocked and confused. I don’t propose to make any further comment and look forward to resolving the matter in court.” 

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