No One Can Handle The Sex Scenes In ‘Sex/Life’

Too hot to handle.
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Netflix’s Sex/Life is all anyone can talk about right now – and mainly, what we’re talking about is those sex scenes. Those SEX SCENES. Billie had some good times, right?

In fact, the entire series is being called soft porn, which it kind of is – the plot is thin, the acting is okay, but the sex scenes definitely steal the show.

In case you aren’t across, Sex/Life centres on Billie, married to lovely and handsome Cooper, who has two little kids. But Billie is still thinking about her old (sexy) life, where she had a hot, chemistry-fuelled relationship with producer Brad. She eventually reaches out to Brad and enters a crisis of love.

Spoiler alert: this story contains plot spoilers! Read on to find every sex scene in Sex/Life.

Sex Life

Sex/Life Best Sex, Episode 1

There was a lot of sex in episode 1, but most of it was little snippets of Billie’s previous life. Still, we had the sweet sex with her husband, Cooper, then the hot sex with Cooper over the kitchen table, which was much more Billie’s style.

We also had the epic flashback of Billie and Brad doing it in a rooftop pool, which was probably the hottest moment of episode 1.

Sex Life

Sex/Life Best Sex, Episode 2

This episode focused more on how she met Adam and Cooper, and less on sex. Still, there’s the hot, hot, HOT sex she has with Cooper in his client’s fabulous pool. It’s a must-watch.

Sex Life

Sex/Life Best Sex, Episode 3

This has to be one of the sexiest episodes of Sex/Life. Firstly, there’s the hot car sex between Billie and Brad to kick things off. When she says “I don’t care if they see me?” Iconic.

Then, there’s the, erm, handsy moment between Brad and Billie in the elevator, another flashback. 

We have the FULL FRONTAL moment in the showers, where Brad turns while Cooper is stalking him, showing his, erm, asset. That’s at 19:50, if you want to see for yourself.

There’s some un-hot car sex between Billie and Cooper, but then some REALLY hot sex between Brad and Sasha when she tries to end their f*ck buddy relationship. 

Sex Life

Sex/Life Best Sex, Episode 4

This episode starts with Billie having sex with some guy after a party, which is pretty hot. But the hottest sex scene is definitely when Billie and Brad say ‘I love you’ for the first time, before having sex in a tattoo parlour chair.

Sex Life

Sex/Life Best Sex, Episode 5

This episode is mainly focused on Billie and Brad falling in love, and her current crisis with Cooper. So we get some very loved-up sex at the beginning between Billie and Brad, after they’ve really become a couple, and then some super hot sex on a Caribbean trip they took together, but it’s all in short flashbacks.

Sex Life

Sex/Life Best Sex, Episode 6

In this ep we’ve got Billie and Brad moving in after they find out they’re pregnant. So we get loved-up sex again but this time with chocolate poured on Billie!

They also try flirting with other people at a gallery showing, then have hot sex in the fire stairwell.

Finally, Brad secretly gets handsy with Billie under her jacket at their favourite restaurant.

Sex/Life Best Sex, Episode 7

This episode is pretty heartbreaking and not super sexy. It’s the episode where Billie loses the baby, her and Brad break up and also, her marriage to Cooper in real time is looking not so good.

The one hot sex scene would be the house orgy Billie and Cooper go to, but that ends badly too – it’s a very quick amount of hot sex guys!

Sex Life

Sex/Life Best Sex, Episode 8

In the finale we get a fantasy of what Billie and Brad’s marriage and settled life could have looked like – complete with hot bathtub sex and cute moments with their babies.

The rest of the episode is mainly Billie going through her crisis and coming to the realisation that she wants to stay with Cooper, although Cooper does visit Brad at one point and has flashbacks of Billie and Brad having sex around the house.

In the end, we think Billie has chosen Cooper, but at the last second she races to Brad’s place and we end with her saying “I do want it all”. Wild!

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