8 Wedding Flower Trends For 2020, According To A Florist

Roses are red, violets are blue, we love these ideas and we have a feeling you will too

Once you have ticked your wedding dress off the list you can move on to the million and one other things that need to be planned. Arguably more fun than rearranging seating charts or licking the back of wedding invitations, let’s bump the wedding flowers to the top of the to-do list.

From the most popular floral trends to key tips, marie claire’s got your wedding flowers covered.

Picking the right floral arrangements can be tricky, so we trawled Instagram’s best wedding florist accounts to discover top trends and key tips to keep in mind when deciding which blooms will accompany you down the aisle next year.

Step this way.


Leave a trail

Trailing flowers from the ceiling have been popular. This gives a sense of opulence and intimacy. It also makes the wedding venue feel alive, as if you are dining under a hanging garden.

Tip: When first deciding on flowers, try to choose flowers that are in season.



Go beyond the table

Large garlands of blooms trailing along and off the ends of tables onto the floor. This trend helps fill a large table especially along a wide and exceptionally long bridal table.”

Tip: Heat and location play a big part in the longevity of flowers and how they are managed by the florist is very important. Make sure to ask if the flowers chosen are going to look at their peak for the duration of the event.



Petite bouquets

Small bouquets of pretty, scented white flowers have been appearing more and more. Kate Middleton and Caroline Bessette (Kennedy) both created a lust for this look and sentiment. The bouquets ultimately complement the dress instead of taking over or competing. These bouquets often look like lace themselves and provide beautiful textures.

Tip: If it’s hotter than expected and bouquets have to be looking perfect, make sure to have a spare bouquet waiting in a safe and cool place to be exchanged for freshness.



Shimmering light

Lots of little vases with loads of tea-light candles to fill the centre of tables with specimen blooms are a great trick. This is an effective and economical way to create a very pretty, romantic aesthetic.

Tip: Place vases of water at the reception on the bridal table. This is a great way to enhance the decoration once all the bridal party place them into water on arrival.



Greenery walls

After Christian Dior’s wall of lavender set the wedding industry alight in 2017, it seemed like every party had a flower wall. For 2020, forgo the flower wall for a fresh decor alternative like greenery walls, filled with ferns, fruits, herbs and more.

Tip: Try to have a meeting with your florist two weeks prior to your event so you can get a true sense of what is in season that close to your special day. It is also good to have a mock-up/pre-run of what your desired plant selections will look like if you are nervous – this will come with a fee.

Pic: @RachelHavel


Add colour

“Deep rich berry tones have started to be included with white flowers to add some depth and colour to the mood of the room.”

Tip: Be sure to have a florist or responsible relative/friend make sure the grooms party have all their buttonholes on evenly and straight. We always supply a few spares as they can sometimes get damaged after the ceremony and might need to be swapped over.



Take it home

“Gift wrapping the flowers at the end of the night for guests to take home, adds extra sentiment to the flowers that have help create the magic of the day.”

Picc: @kikodesign


Flowers in her hair

Flowers around the neckline and trailing from the hair. There is more adventure taken when a bride decides to add flowers to her beauty look.

Tip: Always look at yourself and your bridesmaids in the mirror whilst holding your bouquets before you leave for the ceremony to establish a comfortable and attractive position for the bouquets.

Pic: @adam.embleton

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