A Wool Underblanket Could Be Your Key To A Warmer Night’s Sleep

We gave one a try.

Winter can be really difficult in Australia. While our climate is, for the most part, fairly temperate during the cooler months, our homes aren’t exactly built for chilly days and nights like our Northern Hemisphere counterparts. Finding ways to stay warm in winter without maxing out our electricity bill is crucial, and we’ve found one in the good old wool underblanket.

What Is A Wool Underblanket?

A solution to winter chill for, really, thousands of years, the concept of a wool underblanket is simply adding insulation under your body, not just over it.

A good wool underblanket will be made of, well, actual wool, be soft but not add too much bulk to your mattress, and have a fitted sheet makeup so you can fit it to your mattress and prevent it moving around as you sleep.

What Does A Wool Underblanket Do?

A wool underblanket can help regulate your body temperature as you sleep, and keep you warm during the night. Wool is a known fibre for this – it’s a firm favourite for keeping our bodies warm without making us sweaty like some man-made fibres can. 

What we found when using one (we tried the Woolstar Eco Underblanket) was that where using just a wool quilt would keep us warm through the night, using one combined with a wool underblanket saw us warm even on the really cold, under 10C evenings. The bed stayed warm even after a trip to the bathroom at midnight, and we didn’t need an extra blanket on top of the doona on those really cold nights.

What Are The Best Wool Underblanket Options?

We loved the Woolstar Eco Underblanket, which is reversible – in summer, flip it so the wool part faces down, and you’ve got a temperature-regulating mattress cover, essentially.

Below are some other wool underblanket options that are rated highly.

best underblanket

Woolstar Eco Wool Underblanket, $399 for Queen Size

wool underblanket

Sheridan Deluxe Wool Underblanket, $699 for Queen Size

wool underblanket

Wooltara Wool Reversible Underblanket, $169 for Queen Size

ecodownunder wool underblanket

EcoDownUnder Australian Fitted Wool Underblanket, $299 for Queen Size

wool underblanket

Bed Bath N Table Cotton House Wool Underblanket, $319.95 for Queen Size

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