We Need To Talk About Blake Lively’s Hot Brother

Hello Eric Lively

We recently discovered that Margot Robbie has been hiding a couple of hot brothers from us, and now it seems so has Blake Lively.

While Blake is the Lively that we all know and love, it turns out her older brother Eric, lucked out in the looks department too.

He also shares a name with Blake’s onscreen brother on Gossip Girl. Crazy stuff.

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Blake and Eric Lively with mum Elaine at the ‘Age of Adeline’ premiere. Photo: Getty

Lucky for us, Eric is also an actor, having starred in ‘The Butterfly Effect 2’ and ‘The L Word’.

As well as acting, the 35-year-old has also dabbled those chisled features in the modeling world, working with the likes of Abercrombie, Levi’s, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Eric Lively. Photo: IMDB
Eric Lively in ‘Modern Men’. Photo: Getty
Eric Lively in ‘The L Word’. Photo: IMDB
Eric Lively In ‘The Butterfly Effect 2’. Photo: IMDB

Blake and Eric come from a close-knit family, and shared a cute snap on Instagram of the whole gang earlier this year for National Siblings Day.

“Happy National Sibling Day,” she wrote. “Yes, our parents are breeders.” 

One last fact to leave you with about the Livelys. Their last name isn’t actually Lively. Blake was born Blake Ellender Brown. Lively was her mum Elaine’s married name from her first marriage, and Blake’s dad, Ernie Brown, took on the name Lively and so did all their children. Mind blown.

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