Blake Lively In Talks For New ‘Gossip Girl’-Style TV Show


If there’s been a gaping Gossip Girl-shaped hole in your life ever since Blair married Chuck and Serena married Dan in that climactic 2012 series finale, then do we have news for you: Serena – we mean, Blake Lively – is set to return to our screens in another fashion-focused TV show.

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Lively is currently in talks with Amazon Studios for a scripted fashion series, the company’s head of entertainment, Jennifer Salke, revealed at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit this week.

Divulging that the deal is just “a moment from done”, Salke described Lively as “a force of nature: ambitious, smart and talented,” reports Variety. She went onto compare her to actress Nicole Kidman, who also has a TV show in the works with Amazon.

amazon tv jennifer salke vanity fair summit
Head of Amazon Studios, Jennifer Salke and Executive West Coast Editor at Vanity Fair, Krista Smith.

“Blake also has a huge appetite for a big scripted show with a really interesting writer who I can’t talk about yet,” Salke revealed at the Summit. “[They] will bring to life a scripted show that will be excellent and culturally relevant and original and all those things, but it will also have a connection to a merchandising opportunity,”

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